Aug 21, 2013

Outfits/ Ponies/ my room

Hello everybody ^o^

Today I wanna show you just a mix of random things.

At first some casual outfits: they are all looking quite similar...^^°




I used hair chalk for this look. I will tell you how it works in the next post!
Most of it is based on stripes, denim and accessories like caps, beanies, nerd glasses and so on! So just simple everyday-looks!

Do you remember when I told you about my collecting passion for "My little pony" ? I got some "new" old G1 ponies <3
Here they are ^o^
"Baby soft steps" form 1990 with movable legs
It's one of my childhood ponies! Now I got it back <3

It's "Lemon Drop" in the collectors pose.
Actually this pony would be from 1983. But it wears blush, which identifies it as new model from the 90's!

"Dance'n Prance - Swinger" form 1988-1989
In the no-horn-powder-pose. It's able to move it's tail!

"Mommy Bright Bouqet" from 1988-1989 in the "bow tie pose"
It's in a very poor condition. The complete bodycolour has changed. Actually it would have been purple....
But it's still very cute, isn't it?

all my Ponies in my room ^^
And appart from this "My little Pony"-room dacoration I got also some other new pieces of furniture in my room!

I exchanged my old corner desk for a new small space-saving desk and a clothes hanger!
The old desk was just a dust catcher.... Now I have more space and less dust-catching corners!

I put all my favourite dresses, skirts and tops on the clothes hanger. Now I have more space in my ordinary wardrobe! Nice to look at and handy!

Right now I'm already sewing my new cosplays for the manga/anime convention Connichi!
This is all the fabric that I bought for the new cosplays.
bye bye ~ chu <3


Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I totally love your coords :3. The 1st and the last coords are just amazing to me :3.
Your clothes look so nice on that clothes hanger. I thought of buying one too...but I already don`t have enough space in my little room lol. Anyway , your room [[from what I saw until now]] looks fabulous to me ~! *o*

Miya Skellington said...

Dein Zimmer sieht ja toll aus. Ich finde diese Kleiderstangen total cool und da ich eh kein Fan von zu hohen Schränken bin, würde mir sowas auch total gut mit ner sehr breiten Komode als Ergänzung, gefallen. *__*
Die Ponys sind auch total nice~

Chrissie said...

Love the second coord, it looks so cute and comfy! And yay, two of my favorite things: G1 Ponies and cosplay! Which characters are you planning to dress as?

Thanks for sharing! :D