Aug 12, 2013

Random ~ outfits/ nails/ gets

Hello everybody ^^

Today I wanna show you some of the outfits and things I did during the last weeks.
I really try to  catch up with all the diffent photos I collected...^^°...

First: cute outfits:
fashion point: light colours summery outfit
fashion point: pastel hat + flowers
next some casual, sportive street styles

fashion point: simple and basic
(nearly the same as the one before) fashion point: striped skirt
next the cool and (sexy) ones

fashion point: leo jumpsuit with waisted belt
fashion point: chiffon top (I was wearing shorts underneath... you just can't see them ^^°)
same outfit - hair detail

Here I will show you some of my new gets:

I bought this "Tralala" dress from  Blanka Theresa. She had a sale on her blog kaleidoscope.

back (the bow is detachable - I just put it on the back on this photo)
I also bought some more bargains in my local shopping centers:

top from "New Yorker"
looks like this when I wear it
you have to knot the back
and also this top (from "New Yorker", too)
back with crossed straps
this black rose from "New Yorker"
I also bought shoes. 
Buy 3 pairs on sale and you'll get the third pair for free at Deichmann! So I just paid 25€ for 3 pairs! I needed flat slippers!

first pair
second pair
third pair- I couldn't resist these pink platform mules because I got them for free *o* (they are 12,5cm high^^°)

Last week (before she flew to Tokyo with Kiki) Kirschu came to Berlin and I spent one day with her^^

She got her nails done as a preparation for her holiday ^^
Kirschus nails
We went to currency exchange, to Neo Tokyo, to a Vietnamese restaurant and to Crèpestation.

my banana chrispy crèpe and iced matcha latte <3
August Egg issue that I bought at Neo Tokyo
Gosh! I love that issue ^o^ I will show you scans soon!
The next morning I brought Kirschu and Kiki to the airport for their flight to Tokyo.

Sadly there is no Japan journey for me this year.... but it's o.k. I'm sure there will be a time when I can go to Japan again!

Last week I got my nails done ^^
Gosssshhhhh!!!! I love them so much <3
This time my sister surpassed herself! All nails are damn sparkling + zebra stripes + rhinestones + bows ... and so on *o* Just perfect in neon green <3

~ haha~ look at the lettering "d.i.a." <3
proud desu <3
That's it for today <3

and don't forget my giveaway ^o^

bye bye ~ chu <3 <3 <3


Jenny ♥ said...

I love your nails and outfits! Always gorgeous!

Miya Skellington said...

Deine Nägel sind echt toll. ^^ Ich finde du hast einen wundervollen Style und ich stehe total auf das Outfit mit der Clear-bag. *_*

リカ said...

Love your style! ♥

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I love all of your coords :3. And I think I`ll look after the 2 tops you bought from New Yorker because they`re so awesome <3.

Lau said...

Thank you so much <3

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
dankööööö <3
das simple? ja, manchmal ist weiger auch mehr XD

Lau said...

thanxxx <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

@Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka
Thank you sooo much <3
Good luck! They're on sale and were really cheap! Super bargains^^

Hani Tetsu said...

Ich liebe deine Nägel (wie immer haha) Ich werd mir meine auch so ähnlich machen lassen xD

Lau said...

@Hani Tetsu
na dann Nail-twins auf dem nächsten meet-up~ haha
dankeeeee <3