Aug 7, 2013

STAR WARS Celebration Europe II - Essen - Saturday -Queen Amidala Cosplay

Hello everybody ^^

This is my 2nd post about the big STAR WARS Convention in Essen.

As I told you, I was waering my old Queen Amidala Cosplay again that I made back in 2009. It was lying in my bed drawer for almost 4 years.... and now I could finally wear it again <3

my make up
I didn't want to wear the complete costume on the way to the convention. So I was wearing this "wonderful" outfit on the way XD

But later on I changed my apperance^o^

... and complete Amidala costume!
Everything is selfmade! It took me 4 month (back in 2009) to create that costume.

The fair halls were crowded as hell that day.
So we first went to an interview-show with Kathleen Kennedy who will be the producer of the new STAR WARS Episode! Producer of Episode VII (7)

Kathleen Kennedy (producer of STAR WARS Episod VII)
The interwiew was really interesting although she couldn't give so many informations on the new movie yet... They are still making storyboards and are planning. 
But she told us that John Williams will be again the composer of the soundtrack like in all the STAR WARS movies before! Great!!! STAR WARS Episode VII will be released in 2015! Happyyyy <3

After this we tried to break our way through the fair halls ^^°
IMPOSSIBLE ...bulks of people and kids wated to make photos with me ^^°.....

like this one^^°... I couldn't move for a long time from this place.... photos... and more photos... and even more photos~ haha
I hadn't experienced this feeling for a long time. All my latest cosplays weren't so famous and eye-catching. But it was a great feeling that so many people liked my costume!

And the children were so cute: "Are you the real Padmé Amidala?"...almost...~ haha
(Truly wonderful the mind of a child is! - quot. Yoda)

I really was not able to take some more photos of the other great cosplayers. Michi was the photographer that day ^^°

Queen Amidala x3
Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti (with a little Leia girl)
Padmé Ep. II , a Jedi, Darth Maul and me ^^
with Jar Jar Binks, Boss Nass and an old Obi-Wan(Ben) Kenobi
The next thing we watched was an interview-show with Dave Filoni the maker of the animated TV series STAW WARS -The Clone Wars.

He is also planning a new animated series about the time between Episode III and IV. It is called STAR WARS - Rebels
I'm really looking forward to this!!!

Clone Troopers
Dave Filoni and his characters from "The Clone Wars"
My personal highlight was the costume contest: Costume Masquerade
I didn't participate but it was so great to see the best of the best STAR WARS costumes on stage in a giant show!

Before the real show all the other cosplayers were asked to take part in a little runway^^°
me in the small costume runway before the show~ haha
For the Costume Masquerade they had a jury.
One of the judges was again Dave Filoni but also Asoka Tano's voice actress and "fashoin"designer Ashley Eckstein.
The competitors were devided in different categories: kids, creatures, Jedi, Sith, Troopers, princesses
Here you get just a brief overview of some costumes:

the winners of the "princess" caregory: all senator/queen Padmé Amidalas
It was such a hot day! And with my costume I sweated like hell -.-°
But it was worth it!

Michi and me ^^ thank you for dragging my stuff and helping me that day like my servant <3 <3 <3

playing around with a lightsaber <3 ...out of characer... I know ^^°
In the end of the day we went to watch the interview-show with Carrie Fisher, actress of Princess Leia Organa in the old trilogy.
She is a really funny but a little bossy person~ haha

Carrie Fisher and Warwick Davis re-enacted a scene on stage from "The return of the Jedi" ~ so funny
The same scene 30 years before!
 The saturday was full of great moments, shows, costumes and STAR WARS background informations!
But I was happy to come without costume on Sunday again~ haha

bye bye~ chu <3


リカ said...

Wow your outfit is awesome!!!
Du bist so wandelbar~ ^^

Ruki said...

Also das Cosplay ist richtig richtig toll geworden *-*
Kein Wunder, dass soo viele dich für echt gehalten haben xD
Und vor allem wie du das geschissen bekommen hast, bei der Hitze so ein Cos zu tragen x3

Miya Skellington said...

WOW!!!! Dein Cosplay ist der Wahnsinn!!! Ich muss wirklich sagen, da hat sich all die Arbeit aber total gelohnt!

Lau said...

Thank youuu ^^
jaaaa das kann man nicht vergleichen mit meinem sonstigen Styling~ haha^^

Lau said...

dankeschööön ^^
ja da muss man durch! Keine Hitze ist zu groß! Wer schön sein will, muss leiden XD...oder sou

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
dankeschön <3