Aug 6, 2013

STAR WARS Celebration Europe II - Essen - Friday

Hello everybody ^^

I'm sorry for not blogging so often the last time ^^°.....
The reason is: I was busy with having fun XD

I went to the biggest STAR WARS Con, spend time with a friend, played a lot with my little niece, let my nails done and was on a family party.... so... NO TIME for blogging ^^°......

The next three posts will be about the STAR WARS Celebration in Essen (Germany)!

It's the biggest STAR WARS Convention on Earth! Every few years it's held somewhere in the world. Most often in America, one time in Japan, and only one time in Europe before (London). 
And the weekend before last it was in Germany (in Essen)!

As my friend Michi and I are big STAR WARS fans we HAD TO GO THERE!!!!! It's a must for a true fan~ haha ^^

On Friday morning I went via train from Berlin to Essen. So I arrived around 12am in Essen!
My outfit:

rokku outfit
neon pink Darth Vader T-shirt: H&M
skirt: d.i.a. (borrowed from Kiki <3)
accessories: Glavil, Bijou Brigitte, selfmade
tights:... online (
shoes: H&M

my make up
I put my luggage in the locker at Essen main station and waited for Michi.
She is living near Essen, so it was just perfect^o^
Via subway we went to Messe(fair)Essen.

The convention used around 5 fair halls and the big "Grugahall" for shows. It was all about merchandise, great costumes, STAR WARS fandom, geting autographs of actors, interview sessions with actors and producers, the world premiere of Episode II in 3D and so many things more about the complete STAR WARS universe! <3

The cutest thing where all the remote-controlled Astomech Droids like this R2-D2 . I was in heaven <3 They moved and sounded and acted like in the movies <3

All Astomech Droids made by the R2-builders club. You can join them and build your own cute little Astromech <3

Watch this little clip and see how cute they are <3 (Michi and me talking randome stuff XP)

Michi and me with the dream team R2-D2 and C3PO
All around the convention halls were rebuild locations from the movies! Unfortunately just from the original trilogy. I love the old ones, too! So it was o.k. ^^

At the chessboard inside the Millenium Falcon ^^ - next to a damaged 3PO...
With Greedo in Jabbas Palace. Having a blue milk drink XD
Being Slave Leia Lau of Jabba the Hutt. XD
Imperial spaceship door
Again in Jabbas Palace~ with really strange guys ~haha
Michi in a healing bacta tank next to a medidroid. (She's looking way better than Luke Skywalker in this tank ^^°)
Me in a rebel T-47 airspeeder!
Ouuuuu~ Stormtroopers and Imperial general... I really don't like the Empire... actually I hat it!
Cheweeeee <3
In the "Rancho Obi-Wan" I found these customized "My little Ponies" XXDDD as Leia, Han and Luke ~haha
 In between we watched a "behind-the-scenes" show about "The Clone Wars".

In the late afternoon/evening  we went to the big Grugahall to see an interview-show with Ian McDiarmid (actor of senator/chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious/the Emperor).

Host of all the big shows was Warwick Davis who played the Ewok Wicket in STAR WARS VI. He also acted in Harry Potter, Narnia, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and many more films....
Warwick Davis and his "translator" Astromech on stage
And here is the Chancellor, the Emperor: Ian McDiarmid
Ian McDiarmid in STAR WARS
The show was really nice! Great interview, super funny, exploratory, they re-enacted a scene live on stage, did a quiz and ...I'm afraid it was forbidden to make videos -.-° 
It was just so great ^o^

Michi and me ^^
The Friday was a really great beginning of three days STAR WARS Celebration!
On Saturday I was wearing my Queen Amidala Cosplay.
I will show it to you in the next post^^

bye bye <3


Jojo evilchocobunny said...

your outfit and hair looks so great! <3 why didn't I know about this event TwT I'm often in Essen..

Michi said...

Really great report, it was such a cool day *_*

But our video is so fucking awesome!!! *rofl*
The English subtitles are perfect!

Komachi said...

You look so cute again, I love your outfit *_*
Did you get your pink strands recently? :)

mistymysterious said...

Scheint ja eine richtig tolle Veranstaltung gewesen zu sein.
Bin in der Hinsicht kein Star Wars Fan, aber das Event macht einen echt guten Eindruck. ^^

Und ich liebe dein Outfit. ♥
Rosa Strähnen in blonden Haaren finde ich sowieso immer richtig toll! <3
Gefärbt? Haarkreide? :)

Lau said...

@Jojo evilchocobunny
thank you so much!
But you're right! The convention was not well advertised.... I just get to know about it by coincidance....
thank you for comment^^

Lau said...

yeaaaaahhhh it was!!!!!!

WE are fucking awesome <3 <3 <3
hat total Spaß gemacht unser dämliches Gequatsche zu untertiteln~ haha XD

Lau said...

thank you so much <3
but the pink strands are just clip in extensions ^^°....

Lau said...

jaaa es war toll <3
danke <3
die Strähnen sind gefärbte kurze Clip in Estensions... hab ich schon sehr lange... benutze ich bloß selten....^^