Oct 14, 2014

2nd day with Kirschu and Friends (okonomiyaki & crépes/ purikura/ sushi/ karaoke)^^

Hello everybody^^
Let's continue with the time Kirschu came to see me in Berlin!

I wore a rokku coord this day! I'm not often in the mood for rokku gyaru... but I wanted to wear my Glavil skirt again ^^° it was just the 2nd time wearing it!
longarm shirt - Tally Weijl
skirt - Glavil
cross necklace - Tutuha
tights - funnylegs.de
shoes - H&M
gloves, chockers, bracelets... - old, selfmade or offbrand

Our first plan of the day was eating Okonomiyaki at "Hanage" a okonomiyaki-specialized restaurant.
Exactly 12 o'clock we arrived when the restaurant opened! ^o^

Kirschu quickly taking a selfie ^^
me in front of "Hanage"
Really okonomiyaki is one of the best dishes ever!!!!
Kirschu and me also decided for a special mochi!
Kirschus mochi had a chocolate filling and mine was filled with matcha ice cream *o*
... sorry for the misspelling -.-°
Our next destination was just some meters away ^^
"Crèpestation" is just really close to "Hanage".
I didn't take any photos at Crèpestation (except my crèpe) but we met with Neda (a friend of Kirschu) and with Hani and Mao there ^o^
the group  <3
Together we decided to go to J-Store for doing purikura. OF COURSE XD

We really spent a hella time inside the J-Store...
Mao had to go to work, Hani brought her to work... but the rest of us was still in J-store XP

Purikura with Neda, Kirschu and me:

Kirschu and I wanted to take 90's themed puris... (our outfits were NOT 90's inspired of course ^^°) but when it was time to do so we ran out fo ideas XP like demo effect -.-°
please bear our strange in-joke purikuras ^^°
So much fun <3 <3 <3
I took some selfies inside the purikura cabin while Kirschu and Neda were decorationg some of their puris ^^° As I said... we spent a lot of time in the J-Store XP

In the EVENING!!! (Hani had rearrived at J-Store XD) we thought we shoud do something really stereotyped, clichéd "Japanese". And what is everybody doing when he wants do do something Japanese?
Eating sushi!!!! So we did XD
Sushi at "Sy Restaurant" is amazingly cheap! I'm not a big fan of sushi and I'm only able to eat a really small amount of sushi before I have enough of it!
But 6 maki rolls (which is nearly too much for me...) coast only 2 € there o.O
We just sat next to that giant sea water aquarium!
"BEER smile" XD (and malt beer) drinking beer the Black Diamond way XD Hani me and Kirschu
After eating sushi Hani, Kirschu and I were not yet fet up with stereopyped Japanese things.
So Karaoke was next! XD
We went to Monsters Ichiban Karaoke at Warschauer Straße!
 It's a really crazy club. But you get separate cabins for 12€ per hour for as many persons as you want and you don't have a fixed rate for drinks or anything! You don't have to make a reservation before!
 There is also open karaoke if you want!
We had a small cabin!
Best thing was a capella singing of old anime songs XD doesn't everyone love singing anime songs at Karaoke? We're always doing XD

It was such a fun day <3 But now I stop showing you sensless photos XD
bye bye ~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!
I was never at a Karaoke Store (do you call it like this?`xD) but it seems to be a lot of fun.
What anime songs did you sing?

cookiescorpse said...

your beautiful hair *-*

Lau said...

yes we had!!! ^o^
hmmm Karaoke bar? Cabins with Karaoke mashines?
You have to do Karaoke XD It's much more fun than "Sing Star" ^^° (at least for me)
We sang the usual ones: Pokemon, several Digimon seasons openings, eeh Sailor Moon? Can't remember so well XD But we had to sing a capella because the songs were not available.... in some Karaoke Bars they have some old anime songs.
thanxxxx for commenting <3

Lau said...

thank you so much XD These were still the curls of the day befoe ^^°
bye <3