Oct 26, 2014

Meeting Kiki/ Street Snaps/ Gets...

Hello everybody ^^

This is just an ordinary post about a day with Kiki, my outfit and some gets...^^°
 I put a coord together with some of my new brand items ^^
I couldn't wait to wear my new d.i.a. knit cap and my Garula pullover <3
bobble hat - d.i.a.
pullover - Garula
pleather leggings - Tally Weijl
shoes - H&M
loooove the knit cap <3
I "dyed" the lowest layer of my hair purple with hair chalk. This gives this blackXwhite outfit another colour emphasis!
And I decided for a strong eye make up.
I had a nice day with Kiki (and Mao and Hani temporarily^^°) but actually there is not much to tell about...
Coffee drinking, shopping, eating, chatting, tatteling.... you know what girls are doing most often ^^°

Kiki and I took photos for our gyarusa's Street Snaps!

EGG's "Street Groove" says hello XD
Do you like them? I always have fun doing street snaps <3
But mirror shots are always welcome, too ^o^
So here are some gets of the last time:
Finally the lashes that I ordered at ebay arrived!!!
I really like that they offer packages with 5 or 10 different styles of lashes! I really wanted to have some more natural lashes. And now I have a huge selection *o* The small package are brown upper and lower lashes! I'm really curious what they look like^^

eeeeh... My little Pony brush from H&M children's department ^^
Ankle boots from Deichmann. I really like the chunky heels optic <3
New pearl bracelets and selfmade pompom earrings <3
selfmade midi-lenght checked skirt
bye bye <3
That's all I have to tell you today ^^°
The next post will be a complete outit post!


Miuko said...

I like the street snaps! Awesome outfits like always *_*

Catherine ❤ said...

Beautiful! I love your hair <3 blonde and purple looks amazing on you!

cookiescorpse said...

I love your hair so so so much here *-*

Lau said...

thank you so much <3
happy about your comment ^^

Lau said...

Oh thank youuuuuu <3
Yes I think I will use purple more often from now on ^o^
bye bye~

Lau said...

thanks a lot *o*
bye <3

jacqueline. said...

Freut mich total, dass du schon ein paar Sachen von mir benutzen konntest. Stehen dir echt super ♥♥♥

Lau said...

oh du hier? cool XD
ich bin dir zu großem Dank verpflichtet, das du mir so viele Sachen geschenkt hast <3 <3 <3