Oct 4, 2014

Connichi 2014 - Saturday

Hello everybody <3

This is the entry about my Connichi Saturday!

We started with a super nice breakfast in our (neightbour)hotel. And then dressed up in our Golden Bomber cosplays^^
This time it's from the PV version of "Ii hito"
Well I think I show you a silly video....
It shows the walk back to our Hotel Friday evening and the Saturday morning before the convention.
If you're asking yourself why I put this strange music in the video... these were our Connichi-earworms! (btw. it's in German)
Well back to content!...
On the way with Kassel's tram!
Connichi Saturday there we are!
crowded as every Saturday before^^
As I mentioned in the last post the weather war even worse than the day before! Very cold, cloudy, misty, dizzy.... no weather for top and shorts!
But we did as Golden Bomber are doing in "Ii hito" PV: jogging! And we made some more funny videos... but I don't have them.. they are on Michis cam...
While making videos and taking photos we had fun despite the bad weather!

me as Kiryuuin Shou
Kirschu as Utahiroba Jun
Michi as Darvish Kenji
Kiki as Kyan Yutaka
matching cars for Kirschu and Michi XD
having a break at the blanket ~ you can really see the humid dizzy air.... -.-°
Kirschu made delicious Macarons <3
Macarons in each of our colours~ soooo yummy and cute <3
 So the next photo is quite a contrast XD
Because in the afternoon we returned to the hotel for  a short time to change clothes! It was just too cold to wear the cosplays the whole evening!
So I also changed my make-up and wore an onee-gyaru coord!

 But we went back to the conventin location!
Lynn, Sato and Kirschu <3
... and Kiki XD *best pose*
Suddenly a Legolas came by and asked me if I'm Lau Painthesky XD WTF Legolas knows me when I'm wearing onee-gyaru XD She was from "German Gyaru Lovers" ~ haha but it was kind of strange XP

In the late evening we went out for eating a Kebab! Very noble XD
my kebeb <3
coooool Michi
everyone was kind of whacked in the evening...
But our creativity didn't end....
The docu-soap "Die Cosplay-WG" was born and we had such a damn funny evening XXDDD
Ok. enough of our insiders...
I just love my friends <3 <3 <3

bye  bye ~chu <3

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