Oct 10, 2014

Day with Kirschu (Purikura/ "Colours" vintage store in Berlin)

Hello gals <3

Some weeks ago Kirschu a good friend of mine came to see me in Berlin. She stayed for a long weekend.

I can't tell you much about the Thursday when she arrived... I didn't take photos that day. We just sat in a cozy café in my neightbourhood and the lamp above us acted up like it had it's own personality ^^°
Kirschus nails the first day
really cute ^^ but they instantly fell off when washing hands.. o.O I mean what ?...bad glue!

At Friday we had the plan to do Purikura, eat something nice and go second-hand shopping! 

I wore an amekaji coord that day! No brand items! Comfy but flashy at the same time ^o^
It was so cold... I really needed a coat! Best time to wear my leopard coat <3 It's not warm enough for real winter... But it was great for this rainy shitty Autunm weather!
Around midday Kirschu and me were ready!
Prepared for purikura XD
Yes, the J-Store was our first destination!
Don't be confused because of the names on the puris ^^° Kirschu is actually called Selina!
We look so contrasing XD Sweet vs. amekaji XD

I was already hungry after doing purikura and I really like the "Udagawa", a Japanese restaurant just next to the J-store!
So we had a stop there for lots of delicious things XD

my Sen Cha <3
I was really surprised about the green tea there! You don't just get a tea bag but real crushed green tea leafes and the taste is very strong. Almost like matcha flavour!
I really liked it!

Edamame <3 as always XD
very good and cheap udon <3
The noodles don't have the typical udon shape. Instead of round they are more flat! But the menu says they are homemade! Hontoooo???

Satisfied we hit the road towards "Colours" a huge second-hand store! Do you remember when I first told you about it? Here you can find my post!

cute *o*
The very strange thing about shopping there is that almost every item that I pick out of the masses of clothes hanger full of garments IS JAPANESE o.O Not always well known Japanese brands (but sometimes) but you can see it because of the Japanese care label!
Whenever I find something like this (even though the brand name is not familiar to me) it must be Japanese!
And it happenes so often! Why??? I don't have an explanation ...
Every garment that we tried on was Japanese XD And I found even more!
Theses flared shorts were sooo cute *o*
I found them. But Kirschu liked them, too!
If you think they suit Kirschu better, then plaese write a comment and I will give them to her! We couldn't decide XD
The brand is "Charmberrytic" and you can even find items of that brand on yahoo auctions or Mbook or Rakuten!
This cute top looked a little bit Ma*rs-like because of the huge bow at the back. But none of us bought it.
Sweet pullover <3 but the sleeves were a bit tight...
Very nice colour for this year's Fall trends! But the sleeves were too short...
I bought this pullover <3
It's from the sweet girly Japanese brand "Olive des Olive"!
So happy ^o^ I thought my last "Gilfy"-found was just a super coincidence... But it seems that there are more Japanese brands hidden^^°.

Afterwards we were really exhausted! 
Suddenly we accidentaly met my friend Hani o.O Berlin is a village XD
And together we relaxed at Coffee Fellows <3
We needed chocolate and coffee XD (well, white hot chocolate for me^^°)
Afterwards we went into the "new" Primark store at Alexanderplatz. I didn't take photos...
but I bought this super classy hat *o*

What an exciting day! I really had fun!!!
Bye bye and don't miss the upcoming post about the next fun day with Kirschu and friends again full of "pseudo" Japanese lifestyle XD 
chu <3


Nine said...

Erinnert mich daran, dass ich auch endlich mal diesen tollen Second-Hand Shop aufsuchen muss.
Du hast da so schicke Sachen gefunden *-*

Witzigerweise hatte ich mir in einem jap. Second-hand Shop ebenso den Pulli von 'olive...' gekauft :)

N☆WAKI said...

I love your leopard coat *___* it's so pretty

soro said...

That amekaji coord is perfect! <3

Lau said...

Also wenn man Ausdauer hat, kann sich ein Besuch da echt lohnen!!!

Eeeeh? o.O wirklich? Ist ja witzig XP

danke für den comment <3

Lau said...

thank you ^^
I bought it last year in London (Camden Town) fo Cheap ^^
thanxxx for comment <3

Lau said...

thank you sooooo much <3
I really hoped it looks ok. ^^ since I don't wear amekaji ofen and it
's completely offbrand! ^^°
thanxxxx ^o^