Oct 17, 2014

Last day with Kirschu & next day with friends (outfits, shopping)

Hello everybody ^o^

Today I wanna show you some photos of Kirschus last day in Berlin and the next day when I met with some other friends.

It was a warm and sunny Sunday and my friend Kirschu would depart just in the evening. So we had another full day to do as we like. But we decided to just stay in my home district.

my simple styling
Kirschu in the background ~ haha <3
We went to a small flea market and then had a walk and finally went into a nice café.
So nothing special to show you ^^°

our frensh toasts <3
We had a really nice day and talked about anything and everything ^^°
But time flew.... and in the evening she left Berlin.
But thank you Kirschu <3 For this amazing long weekend! I hope we can meet again soon ^o^

The next day (I still had semester break in the end of September...^^°) I met with Hani, Mao and GooF <3
my outfit (it was a warm summer day again!)
"not-so-heavy"-gal make and without contacts btw.
We met because GooF wanted to do some transactions. So we went into a big electronics store. My friends bought bluerays, games and so on. But this is not my cup of tea ^^°...I don't know it's hella boring for me XP
But with friends everything can be funny <3

Going to Tally Weijl was a better option for me XD
I had a 30% discount voucher. (Kiki had won it but she was in Japan at that time so she couldn't use it)
I want a dark blue denim shirt so badly!!! But I didn't like the fit of that one...
something to fill my onee-gyaru wardrobe? yes ^^
I'm really into frilly chiffon tops lately! yes!
Tally haul (with 30% discount <3)
GooF and me ^^ Tally Girls XP... Tally Weijl is existing since 1984 o.O it's Tally's 30th birthday!
In the evening we went to the Japanese restaurant "Makoto". It was still so warm that we could sit outside!!!
GooF and Mao
Such a nice day ^o^ thank you girls <3
That's it ^^°
I know it was not that interesting... I hope I don't bore you too much!
(Btw. thank you for your comments <3 <3 <3 I'm really happy about every single comment! But I simply forgot to answer them during the last months... I really forgot o.O..... >.< sorry!!!! I will try to catch up with answering them!)

bye bye ~ chu <3

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