Oct 8, 2014

new nails/ Japan haul/ second hand haul/ outfits

Hello everybody ^^
This post will also be a little bit mixed ^^°

First I wanna show you my new nail design!
It's very classic gyaru! Black&white zebra with purple and many gold decorations! This time they are not glittering... I wanted to have it a little bit more pure.. but I already miss the sparkling -.-°
But nevertheless I think I did a good job!

My friend Kiki just recently came back from her trip to Japan. She and my other friend Michi attended Golden Bomber concerts there^^°
Luckily she had time to buy some items of my wishlist ^o^
So I've got some brandnew Japanese items! Thank you Kikiiiii <3 <3 <3
my "happy bag"
that's what was inside <3
d.i.a. bobble cap <3 <3 <3
Garula pullover <3 <3 <3
and two youthfashion magazines "Popteen" and "Ranzuki" both November issues
I know both of them aren't Gyaru magazines anymore. But that does not mean they are boring for me! They're full of cute Fall/Winter fashion. So I can figure out the trends and find many inspirations especially for my everyday coords!

Next topic:
Well, my second hand haul was not really a "haul" XD I just don't know how to call it ^^°
Jacqueline (a friend) tidied out her wardrobe.
Hani and I found many garments that we liked ^o^
Here is what I got:
black long sweater and mini skirt
striped jacket
light rose/nude dress
fancy highwaisted shorts
super cute LIZ LISA dress <3 <3 <3
I have to thank Jacqueline so much *o* <3

Here is the outfit I was wearing that day:
fashion point: casual elegant

Here is another outfit:
I wore this some time ago when I picked up my friend Kirschu at the train station when she came to see me in Berlin!
fashion point: casual amekaji

The next 2-3 posts will be about the weekend when Kirschu came to see me in Berlin.
So be prepared for 3 posts full of purikura and "pseudo" Japanese lifestyle in Berlin XD

bye bye ~ chu <3


Abbie said...

I can't wait to see all the new coords you put together with your new clothes! I love your outfit posts so much. ♡

cookiescorpse said...

I'm in love with your perfect nails *-*

Jenny ♥ said...

wow, I love your nails and can't wait to see outfits with your new clothes <3

Lau said...

awww~ >///< thanks a lot
Yes, I'm workin' at new coords every day <3 <3 <3
bye bye ^o^

Lau said...

they're not perfect...^^°
But I'm happy you like them! Of course I like them, too XD
bye <3

Lau said...

thank you <3 <3 <3
yes, I can't wait as well ^^° that's what I'm doing right now XD
bye ^o^