Oct 6, 2014

Connichi Sunday + many outfits ^^

Hello everybody ^^
Today I wanna put two topics in one.

It starts with my few photos of Connichi Sunday.
I didn't take many photos that day... god knows why...

I wore my Padmé Amidala (senator at packing) Cosplay again together with Michi as Dutchess Satine Kryze.
Oh I love wearing that cosplay so much *o* it feels so awsome walking in that skirt <3
But as it is not a new cosplay I won't spam you with so many photos^^° Just some!

The weather of Connichi Sunday was the best of the whole convention! Sunny and warm...
Yeah~ and I wore the warmest outfit -.-°
But I won't complain! It was a nice day to let the convention die away !
In the late afternoon we prepared for our departure! So I changed clothes:
Uuuh~ that eye- and eyebrow make-up looks strange without cosplay and without contacts ^^°...
In the end we had a little snack at the train station before we went back to Berlin! (Oh btw. its Michi and Kiki sitting there XP)

Next topic:
Outfits of the last weeks!

1. fashion point: comfortable boy's look
A little bit preppy ^^

2. fashion point: cool marine
I met up with Kiki wearing that look. And my sunglasses got broken Q___Q
So these are the last photos with my beloved white sunglasses... -.-°

3. fashion point: super summer returns in light blue XD
It was soooo warm again that day! So I was even able to wear my new cropped daisy top!

4. fashion point: pastel houndstooth
Just an outfit for the dentist... ^^°

5. fashion point: prepare for trouble
This day I really felt like parading my Team Rocket fan love XD
It's like a casual Jessie outfit <3

6. fashion point: girly 90's comeback
With this outfit I really intended to mix a overall Harajuku touch with tons of 90's items and trends!
Cropped T-shirt, bustier over T-shirt, girly hairbuns, dungarees (one strap open ~ extreeeeeemly cool), tattoo chocker, platforms, neon colours.... and so on XD
Most of these things were really trendy in harajuku fashion this summer!

7. fashion point: sweet mature
This was basically a onee gyaru coord with sweet elements like the gingham check blouse with puffy sleeves.

That's it ^^
I hope I didn't confuse youwith these two different topics but I really want to catch up with all the past topis XD I didn't want to make too many sperate posts!
bye bye ~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

ohhh I'm so in love with your summer returns outfit *_* so beautiful

Miuko said...

Deine Outfits sehen alle unglaublich toll aus *_*

cookiescorpse said...

oh my gaaaad *___* your perfect cosplay! and you rlovely outfis ;////; I really love your style so much!

Jenny ♥ said...

your cosplay is perfect as well as your outfits *_*

Lau said...

thank you ^^
it was just a simple coord... but it was so much summer back then *o*

Lau said...

vielen lieben Dank ^o^
bye <3

Lau said...

waaaa~ thank you <3
and thank you so much for always posting comments <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

you're so sweet <3 thanks a lot ^o^
bye bye <3