Jun 6, 2012

The Dokomi

Hellooooo ^o^ Tadaima,
I'm back home ^^°
After one week vacations at Michis place, I start blogging about the super time I had there.

Everything startet Friday. Kiki and I went by train to Gladbeck via Essen.
It was horrible... our train got 50 minutes delay and we didn't got the local train to Gladbeck. So we got a Taxi voucher sponsored by  DB (German Railways) and Kikis and my suitcases got broken...

the only positive was the mochi I bought Berlin central station ^^° (you can see my injured fingers because of my broken suitcase...)
So we arrived very late at Michis place and still had to cut and style some wigs -.-°

DoKoMi started the next day.
My friends and me cosplayed Golden Bomber (Memeshikute ~K-Pop~). It was not a new cosplay for me but this time we were the whole Band!
It was so funny ^o^
on the way:

I could not stand my lenses that day... so i let them off but it does not look the same...

I was absolutely not convinced by the new location of the anime/manga convention DoKoMi....  but we had to make the best out of it!

Kirschu as Jun
Michi as Kenji
me (Kirisho) and Kiki (Yutaka)
complete group

The next day was also under the sign of DoKoMi.
This time Kiki, Sato and me cosplayed "Lovely complex"

me as Seiko-chan
Sato (Otani) and Kiki (Risa)
It was the first time using my Dolly Wink No.1 upper lashes and I like them very much *o*
I also used my new lenses but they are not as I expected them to be -.-° Not my favourite lenses...

Michi in her cosplay (Ruby Moon ~human)

The location was not that nice but the days were worthwhile because of all the nice friends I met there!

In the evenings our small group was always practising the memeshikute dance that we would need for our video that we wanted to make!

This was always my practising/dancing outfit ( ~haha with flavoured beer ^^°) soooo scruffy ^^°

The next post will be about our video taping!
Thank you for so many followers right now ^o^
bye bye and chu <3

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