Jun 12, 2012

Japan-Day 2012

Hello Gals ^o^
University gets quite stressy right now -.-°...but before I continue working out my research paper for economy class, I want to post about Japan-Day in Düsseldorf one and a half week ago.

Kiki and Michi dressing up
The day started without stress because we had no obligations to get to Düsseldorf at a fixed time.
So we spent 4h with dressing up, doing our hairs, makeup and preparing bentos.

I even stuck on fake nails ^o^ (bought them in Essen in a small shop)
Kiki, Michi and I were NOT cosplaying!!! We just dressed up in our beautiful Yukatas. So it was something special for me because I've always been on Japan-Day in Cosplay before.

I could not use lenses because I had in lenses 4 days the last week and my eyes cant stand them 
We were really sceptical about the weather as it was so cold and rainy the day before....... but we were LUCKY.
Nice temperatures and sun was shining ^o^

We arrived in Düsseldorf in the early afternoon (around 2 pm I guess).
Michi and I got magazines we were searching for in shops of the Immermann street.

finally near the Rhine
Michi prepared Bentos for us *o* OMG she is a genius (Onigiri, Macha cookies, noodle salad and Mochis were packed in real bento boxes)...ok. the onigiri were not o.O
Kiki enjoying the noodle salad
wow~ look at the crowd of people
my beautiful girls ^o^

Nearly all the decorations for our Yukatas and Obis (bows, pearls, hairpieces) are made by myself.

my princess mules <3 decorated by myself
funny pose o.O
Wow~ I was never asked for so many photos....^^° We could have taken money for each photo... we'd be millionaires now XD
We felt like a tourist attraction or a park mascot, everyone wanted to take a photo with us @.@ Very flattering but also slightly stressfull.... ^^°

We could not see the fireworks because we had to get the last train to Gladbeck (were Michi lives) before midnight... Train connections in the Ruhr area aren't that good as in Berlin -.-°
But we made a plan for next year!!! <3

Michi also prepared strawberries in her kawaii bento boxes ^o^
my hair after J-Day...still in good condition, isn't it?
bye bye ~ chu <3


Sasu said...

ohhh *____*
wie unglaublich hübsch
ich finde die Haare passen super zu ♥

ihr seht aber alle voll toll aus *_*

Patri Lavulin said...

Nice photos! Glad you have fun. ^^

Lau said...

@ Sasu
dankeschööööööön <3
das Kompliment leite ich weiter an meine Mädels ^^
chu <3

Lau said...

@ Patri Lavulin
Yeah shure we had fun ^0^
thank youuuuuu <3