Jun 8, 2012


Yeeeha ^o^
Hey Gals, finally it's weekend ^v^ I have to do so many things for university but I'll insist relaxing and having fun ! The weather turns out to be nice here in Berlin !!

But last week was even nicer!
On Wednesday Kiki, Michi, Kirschu and I were visiting Düsseldorf.

This was my outfit:

I tried a more "tanned" and heavy makup (don't pay attention to my nonexisting hairstyle on the first photos >___<°)

We were perfektly timed this day and managed to go to our breakfast café and get the train to Düsseldorf.

In Düsseldorf we first held a short break at BoboQ to have a bubbletea ^o^ ~yummie

And afterwards we went direktly to OCS (Japan Store). We wanted to buy magazines and take puricuras before the big rush of the Japan-Day....
But they had non of the magazines I wanted to buy Q____Q No Egg, no Popteen, no Ageha.... Kiki just got the Kera and wowowowowowoow~ I found per coincidance the last issue of Ranzuki ^o^ Lucky me !!!!

Here are the results of our puri-shooting (^v^)

decorating the puris
inside the store
Afterwards we went to a nice small japanese café that we discovered when we were in Düsseldorf last Winter!
I had a super great Macha Latte *o*

We had some time left over before we had to get our train back to Gladbeck (Michi didn't want to miss her Japanese class).

So we went shopping ^o^
obligatory photos of Kiki and me in the changing room
Before we went back to Düsseldorf central station, we bought onigiri at Waraku *o* I had thuna mayo >///< I was in heaven !!!!
The friendly saleswoman made this photo of all of us ^o^ She was so cute and kind !

I'll show you what I bought in Düsseldorf (and what I bought in generel the last time) in an extra post next time.

Hope you continue reading and hofefully enjoying my blog ^o^
see you next post bye bye and ~ chu <3 <3 <3


Sasu said...

oh *_* ich steh total auf dein Outfit ♥ ich liebe Maxilongdresses (bin zu fett für XD und es sieht ätzend an mir aus) ein grund mehr dich doppelt zu bewundern <3

Lau said...

dankeschööööön >///<
aber ich finde eigentlich, dass maxidresses eher schlank machen.... bin ja auch nicht die dünnste ^^°
Deshalb würde ich ger keinen Grund sehen für dich, die nicht zu tragen o.O...
bye <3