Jun 15, 2012


...sorry for the boring post title...but I really don't have any idea what to call it ^^°
Last weekend I met Kiki, then we met with other friends, went to Neo Tokyo, ate something and then went shopping .....so... what should I call this post? Don't know anything and everything ....and nothing spectacular!

my styling:

my eye makup:

my outfit:

I tried an agejo/rock mixed styling. I really hope that these tights won't tear that fast!!! They are soooo much looooooove!!!
I put in my very old (but new coloured) pink clip in strands and teased my hair..... no good choise for that windy day  >.<°

We met with Batsi and a friend of her and later on her boyfriend Baha joined us. We wanted to buy concert tickets for An Café in November in Berlin.

at Neo Tokyo (sorry that I censored you Kiki >__< but you looked like sleeping ^^°)
the concert ticket ^o^ some years ago An Café was my favourite band. So I give them a try after their revival!
I also bought the May issue of egg (Kiki bought the June issue)
and the June issue of Popteen
Afterwards we went to an Asian (Vietnamese I guess ^^°) restaurant.
I was not hungry so I just ordert a pudding.

but the taste was......not my taste.... we all found it hmm...interesting ^^°
Kiki and Batsi
Kiki and me when we changed places into the restaurant (sooo windy outside)
Baha and me ^o^
Later on we went into a very strange shop. Very small but so unusual, extraordinary and unique items....

Shopping in the shopping center alexa was very comfortable! It was already in the evening and all the people went to see the soccer game (Germany - Portugal) so the center was nearly empty ^.^

I'm so glad, I found fitted jeans for me *o*
I was searching for some time for light blue skinny jeans.
At Tally Weijl I found a pair of jeans with a reduced price and they fit (I could not believe...Kiki had to convince me)

After shopping we watched the second half of the soccer game and Germany won ^0^ Everybody is sooooo crazy about the soccer European championship this time ^^° But I'm not really interested...

The next morning started with a Kirisho-like toast ~haha
he recently twitters so many photos of toasts o.O..... so I created a heart toast ~haha so silly

bye bye my lovely followers ^o^
see you next post
~ chu <3


Luna said...

Die Blumen für dein Haar sind sehr schön. Darf ich fragen wo du sie gekauft hast? <3

Woah, das Alexa ist sonst immer bombe gefüllt. Da hattet ihr wirklich Glück beim Shopping ^-~


Patri Lavulin said...

http://konakonayaay.blogspot.ro/2012/06/liebster-award.html - for you

Rinnie said...

Hiya, found your blog through Lavulin's award post! You look super cute, and I love the age/rock outfit! Followed~ ♥

Lau said...

@ Luna
ja die Blumen.... ^o^.... ich liebe sie auch ^^° aber ich habe sie mal vor Jahren von einer Kollegin geschenkt bekommen, als ich mein Praktikum dort beendet hatte... tut mir echt Leid....leider keine Ahnung, wo die her sind >.<°

Lau said...

@Patri Lavulin
thaaaaaaank you so much >///<
I hope I can realize the post about the award and the questions as fast as possible ^^°
thanxxxx <3

Lau said...

heeeey, welcome <3
thank you so much >///<
I'll do my best not to bore you with my blog ^o^