Jun 18, 2012

Outfits... ^v^

Hello ladies ^o^

First I have to tell you that the cute Patri Lavulin tagged me and gave the "Liebster blog Avard" to me ^o^ Thank youuuuuu <3
In one of the next posts I will answer the questions and so on... but I'm not prepared yet ..-.-°

So I just want to show you some of my recent outfits. Most of them were outfits for university...so very casual. But have a look yourself:

outfit 1
I still had my fake nails ^o^
outfit 2. ~pastel colours~
I like this hairstyle ^o^
last sunday: nearly the same like last saturday but more casual with cardigan
outfit 4
outfit 5

outfit 6 (with dog of my sister in background ~haha)

So, now I have to prepare lots of posts ^^°
blog avard post, magazine scans of egg, Ageha, Ranzuki and Popteen, report about this weekend!
....and learning everyday for university and doing technical drawings for collection, starting new cosplays, preparing Kirisho's birthday present and HFFLSLDCLYX...problem...I don't know when to do all these things @____@ days are too short !!!!
bye bye ~chu <3

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