Jun 6, 2012

"making of" own memeshikute video

Hello ^o^
The two days after the DoKoMi my friends Kiki, Michi and Kirschu had a plan! And we love it when a plan comes true  >o<

We wanted to make a video of the Memeshikute (song of Golden Bomber) dance in the way, the original PV is made but in three different outfits.

Our Memeshikute PV Cosplay

our Memeshikute K-Pop Cosplay

and simply us girls without Cosplay

We were practising hard to synchronize our dancing and we needed a cameraman. Sato came to help us and even moved up to our MANGAER ^o^
here are some "behind the scenes"-photos ~haha....

the MANAGER and camerawoman Sato and me
We also had to shoot some additional scenes. The intro for example.

our MANAGER  as an actor

and me
this was my outfit for the girl-version

In the evening we made the bar scene an I had to wear the Kiryuuin Shou Cosplay once again... ^^°

haha~ looks so funny without wig and correct makeup ^^°

Kiki is the one who cuts the video and puts the scenes together! So as you can imagine the video is NOT  ready jet !!!
It will take some time, but I trust in Kiki. She will make the best out of it ^o^

But as a little foretaste and for your imagination here are the two real PVs of Golden Bomber.

Bye bye ^o^
My friends and I spent last wednesday in Düsseldorf. This is what my next post will be about !
 <3 chu~ <3

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