Jun 26, 2012

Fuck you Golden Bomber ~ pursued by bad luck

This won't be a styling post at all... I just wanna descant on my misfortune!!! (Don't take it too serious ^o^° But I also want to complain one time about something!!!)

I don't get it.... I don't get it Q_______Q
Why do always appear new problems .... concerning Golden Bomber.???

1. I'm just a simple german fan but I really want to see them one day!!! Our hope was our vacation in August! We will be three full weeks in different areas of Japan.
But Golden Bomber's concert tour is already over when we will arrive in August. The next tour starts in September. But it's just a fan-club tour....even if we would be there we could not go.....

There are only two additional dates for festivals where Golden Bomber will play. One is directly the day after we arrive a long distance away from were we will be.....So IMPOSSIBLE and I guess it's only a TV broadcasting or something like that......

The other date is also far away from Tokyo but we could go there... if we get tickets??????

2. And now...... we found this http://cooljapan.co.jp/goldenbomber/de/  There will be a contest and you can win a flight to Japan and concert tickets of Golden Bomber.
You have to make a video of your own Memeshikute dance style. 
You probably remember my old post "Making of" memeshikute video????
We did so! Although we did not know about the contest.
And it's already done! Kiki did a great job <3 <3 <3 But we can't use this video for the contest...

There is a huge problem! We made it the Japanese version! But you have to do it the new German version. I'm out of sync. (yes! Golden Bomber released a German version~ haha XP)

 AND we are 4 persons in the Video..... only 1 or 2 people can win the prize Q_________Q
It really feels like loosing antoher big chance to see them Q__________Q
And Kiki defenetly won't send in our video...... otherwise it's unfair......!!!

3. We did not even get the new CD "The Golden Best"...for Germany. It was officially announced as a worldwide release....

Euclid agency wrote this, Golden Bomber themselves wrote this..... BUT NOOOOOOO you only get the different country versions (for Germany, the US, France and so on) in Japan......o.O
Where is the logic???
Why is it an official worldwide release and then you only get the CD's as import article o.O

....I really don't get it...
and now
 1. we won't see them at a concert (only small hope stays.... but I see it coming....we will have misfortune again )
2. we can't participate in the video contest
3. I did not even get the CD........ (only online..... but I want the onriginal!...so I have to wait...)

So I'm kind of sad, pissed and upset about the situation!!!
(tomorrow I will show you some nice photos of my weekend ^o^ enough about Golden Bomber~ haha~)
bye bye and chu <3

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