Jun 23, 2012

last weekend at Gina Trikot

Helloooooo ^o^
Congratulations Germany! Amazing win against Greece! 4:2 wow~ haha ^v^
you know, I'm talking about the European soccer Championship...... It's like New Years Eve in front of my house haha~ so many fireworks and cracker ^^°

So much for that!

Actually I want to show you some photos of last Saturday.
I met with Kiki and we went to Gina Trikot in the Fridrichstraße (Berlin). It's the only shop of Gina Trikot in Berlin!

I dressed up in a very romantic way. A little bit country style/retro mixed.

I added a cute bow to my hat
I look a bit creepy but here you can see my eye make up and I forced myself to wear lenses!
At Alexanderplatz we bought Bubble tea and then went directly to Friedrichstraße.

in the train
pretty lace dress that I bought a Gina Trikot *o*
in the changing room ^o^
We extra went to Gina Trikot because of this mint green pleated skirt! Kiki wanted to have it so badly! She got it ^o^

funny large sunhat...
but I like my own hat more ^v^
Later on we had a donught and a café at Koffee Fellows. ~yummie *o*

trying to look kawaii .....*meeeh*
Kiki at a professional photographer. She made a photo there as a present for a family member.
Inbetween I bought new shoes at "Jumex" My feet hurt so much because of the shoes I was wearing that day...so I changed them immediatley ^o^

The next day was a very lazy day!
The only interesting thing I did, was to alter Kikis jeans into a used optic with chinks and tears!

cool, he?
 That's it!
 Now I'm looking forward to another nice Saturday without learing for university -.-° The exams are coming closer and closer..... I have to do my best but Saturday is without learning!
bye bye ~ chu <3