Apr 17, 2012

Crêpes and cherry blossom festival

Huhuuu everybody ^.^

Last weekend, I met Kiki and we weren't shopping ^o^° I think it's too much shopping at the moment... so we had to find something else that we could do ^^°

my simple style

Last week was Kiki's birthday and so I had a small present for her ^^°

The weather was quiet nice and we wanted to search the japanese crêpe restaurant "Crêpestation".

The restaurant is located in Berlin Prenzlauerberg. They offer lots of crêpes in sooo many different flavors. Sweet and hearty! I had kiwi and Kiki had egg and ham!

the window decorated with a plastic menu like in Japan
Kiki in front of "Crêpestation"
I didn't take any photos of the rest of the day ^^°...hmmm we drank some champagne and practised the memeshikute dance! With alcohol it's much easier ...^^'

The next day we totally overslept.... but we wanted to go to the cherry blossom festival at "Gärten der Welt" (gardens of the world) in Berlin Marzahn.
So we hurried up an arrived there at 3pm.
 my outfit:
it's somehow the coord that I bought last weekend ^o^ (hat, dress, top)
At "Gärten der Welt" there are different theme gardens. We were at the Chinese, the Japanese and the oriental garden. But The festival with a small stage, stalls with asian food and some items to buy were at a meadow where the cosplayers lingered.
Here are some photos:

We met a friend of us. He's a cosplayer but I forget to take a photo with him... -.-°
In between Kiki took some super nice photos of me in the cute cherry blossoms <3 <3 <3

But it got colder and colder and we left quiet early... But it was very nice there ^o^

bye bye my beloved followers <3
~ chu <3


tine said...

die fotos mit dir und den kirschblüten sind echt süss geworden und ich liebe den cowboyhut der steht dir echt gut *___*

Maachahime said...

Waiii, ich liebe dein zweites Outfit mit dem Cowboyhut sehr! ^^

Und wohhaaa - so ein Crepê Laden gibt es echt auch in Deutschland?? >w<
Schade, dass ich so selten in Berlin bin... xD:

Aaaah, noch was, was mir da wieder auffällt:
Ist jetzt nicht böse gemeint, aber versuch nicht immer Fotos von ganz oben zu machen, wenn du dich selbst fotografierst und dann noch so hoch gucken... Das sieht etwas creepy aus, weil deine Augen eh sehr groß sind. @@
Ich kenn das von mir, ich hab da genau das gleiche Problem ^^;

~*NeNe*~ said...

arwwwwww ich war auch auf dem kirschblütenfest und hab euch von weiten gesehen...aber hab dich nich erkannt xD....sonst hätt ich mal hallo gesagt xD so ein mist.... ><
ihr saht toll aus x3

und ja, der japanische crepe laden is supi lecker *o*