Apr 21, 2012

Jolie Runway scans ~ western high class brands

Hello everybody ^o^
Today I wanna show you some scans from my "Jolie -Runway" magazine.

It's full of runway snapshots of the fashion weeks in Paris, Mailand, New York, Kopenhagen, London and Berlin.
Usually I don't buy western fashion magazines.... it's for trend research for university!

I have to say that I'm not very interested in western high class designers and brands... (Chanel,LouisVuitton,Gucci,Prada,Versace...and so on...)
It's not that I don't like all the designs... but since I got to know Japanese street fashion styles (Lolita,VisualKei, FairyKei,MoriGirl,DollyKei and so on...and finally all the beautiful gyaru styles and their brands) I totally lost interest in Haute Couture and Prêt-á-porter . 

I don't like the models, I don't like the way the fashion is presented... Only sometimes some garments catch my attention.
Somewhere between interesting and strange.... ^.^°
But have a look yourself:

this is a collection that I somehow like <3
-conclusion: -I like some of the trends: pastel colours, mint
                     green, maxi skirts, pleated skirts!
                     -But some trends are just curious @.@° in my eyes
                     -And I don't like the hairstyles and makeups of the
                     models...(some are o.k.)  messy in my eyes ...But that's the typicall look of top models..... -.-°

I know that even Japanese gyaru brands are somehow influenced by western brands and designsers. But the outcome is different!
I saw a very nice post on Universall Doll about this tolpic! Check it out !!!

I'm interested in:  What do you think about western high fashion designers and brands? Do you like or dislike their collections? Are you generally interested in them or do you only like japanese brands (LizLisa,AngelicPretty,Ma*rs,SexPotRevenge,SuperLovers,d.i.a., Ingni and so on) ?

So, that's it with my short excursiion to western high fashion designers and brands!
bye bye ^o^ ~chu <3

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