Apr 27, 2012

small update

Huhuuu gals ^o^
I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long time.... I guess one week passed since I updated here for the last time >.<°... I was kind of busy with university, the cosplays I sewed and had no good photos to show you.......

So here is only a small update.
Last weekend I prepared new bottom lashes.

  Actually I wanted to buy some... but I couldn't decide for what shop and for what brand and style... Dolly Wink or Diamond Lashes or a completely different brand? .....
So I stayed with the old idea of making some by myself out of old upper lashes... For now it's o.k.... but I will need real lower lashes!!!
Which shop do you use for ordering? I really don't have any idea which to choose.....

me using the "new" bottom lashes
They are shorter than the others I used. But I like that they look more naturally!

Here is my outfit of last weekend!

Kiki and I went shopping. First we bought new magazines at Neo Tokyo.

I bought Popteen and Ageha
At the moment I like the cute roma style of popteen most!!! I looooove the pastel colours and the mint green which is already shown on the cover *_____*

 in the train
And I finally bought some other platform wedge sandals at H&M on sale!

and a nice colourfull sweater
 Next morning at I created a Son Goku toast with cheese and ketchup.... how silly ^^°

looks more like Taichi (Digimon) ~haha
By the way: this is me without makeup.... makeup is a charm, defenetly!!! ^^°...

This is one of the cosplayes I made for two girls! I also fit in... but not that good..

So, that's all for today ^o^
bye bye ~chu <3
thank you ~ good night

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