Apr 13, 2012

Easter Sunday / sewing cosplays / new haircut

Hello everybody ^o^

Last Sunday my family met to celebrate Easter!

I wore the same coord as the day before...

The day with my family was very nice ^o^

Our Easter- bunch with all the presents (sweets ^o^) and my nices ^.^

the Easter Sunday sunset from our balcony <3

The last days I worked very hard at two cosplays.
It's not for me, but I hope the two girls will like my work ^o^ (this is a wig XP)

Today after university I was at the hairdresser. I'm not fully keen and convinced with it.... but now it's a bit shorter (because of my spliss), it's more layered than before and I have small bangs.

This week I bought a western fashion magazine because I have to do a research about trends.
It's full of runway outfits of the most important fashion weeks. But is's so scary how the models look like....
In some of the next posts I will show you some pictures!
But that's all, for today!
bye bye ~ chu <3


Maachahime said...

I think your new haircut is really cute! ♥

SUSEIKI said...

hui sehr coole perücke und diese mütze dazu :))

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