Apr 2, 2012

on the turkish market with Kiki and Mimi

Hello everybody ^.^
Last friday Mimi arrived here in Berlin and so I met with Kiki and her!
They accompanied me to the turkish market were I had to buy fabirc, buttons, zippers and other trimmings for sewing orders!

I was at university before... so I tryed to redo my hairstyling and makeup...

The weather was horrible as always when I intend to visit the market... -.-°

The market is always so crowded and the stands are often messy ... but with the help of Kiki and Mimi I could make some bargains ^o^.... not really.... but they could bargain the prizes slightly ! Thanxx <3

In between we had a short stop at the "Quark Bar" (junket bar) where you get different sorts of junket instead of ice!
So delicious... but it's always too much!!!
crazy Mimi
all my curls sucked completely in this shit rainy weather...
I didn't take any photos of Kiki 'cause she was ill this weekend! Armes Mäuschen.... I hope that you get well soon!!! <3

In the evening we went to the indian/indonesian/malaysian..whatever restaurant Mirchi!
Mimi didn't like her face on this photo...
why always this facial acrobatic, Mimi???
Well, the day was cold and rainy and the fabric was more expensive then I calculated.... but it was so much fun <3 <3 <3
Thanxxx to Mimi and Kiki, you Tekken-freaks XD
The next post will be about our shopping saturday !

bye bye ~ chu <3


Mimichan said...

my face acrobatic is amazing ;)
Warum schreib ich überhaupt auf Englisch xD? Es war so toll auch wenn es so mega Kalt war Q___Q <3
So schön mit dir und Kiki <3~

tine said...

ich war auch mal mit einer freundin dort, weil sie stoff fürn cosplay brauchte ^^ soweit ich noch weiß ist der glaub ich nur zweimal die woche. die quarkbar ist ja mal cool. derzeit machen ganz schöne viele solche läden in berlin auf, finds aber auch total lecker :D