Apr 28, 2012

meeting Jessi and new gets

Hello everybody ^.^
Today was a really lazy day! The weather was soooo great *___* 30 degree and soooo hot <3
I just went outside for a walk with our dog and so now I have some time to blog again ^.^

Last Thursday I met Jessi, a friend that I know from cosplaying. She was in Berlin for an advanced training and so we decided to meet ^o^

First my makeup/ hairstyle/ outfit:
The first two photos are taken in the early morning before I went to university.

The other two photos are taken afternoons. I changed the shoes, added the glasses and the small bow.

When I met Jessi I also get to know some of her companions of the advanced training. It was quiet funny ^o^

In the evening we went to Mirchi an Indian/Singapore restaurant.

this is Jessi ^o^
one of Jessis "colleagues" came with us to the restaurant
my mango lassi *sooo yummie*
our food (we all ordered just "appetizers" but it was defenetly enough!!!)
It was a very nice evening! But when I came home I saw a letter.... one of my packages arrived at the customs... JHVDIHVVXKNXKNX.... I hate the customs....

So the next day after university I went to the custom office which is quite far away.... In addition I had to pay customs... But now I have the package and it is...........
my Yukata <3 <3 <3

It contains the Yukata itself, the obi with an extra bow which is already tied, the wooden getas, tabi socks, a scrunchy and tow deco flowers *_____*
I will wear the Yukata at Japan-Day in Düsseldorf ^o^ I'm so excited >///<

The same day, my new cosplay wig arrived ( not at the customs but at home ^o^)

It's for Seiko-chan from Lovely Complex and I will cosplay this at DoKoMi in Düsseldorf one week before Japan-Day!

Bye bye ~ chu <3
see you soon ^o^

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