Apr 1, 2012

Just in between

Hello everybody ^o^

I can't report about the weekend because it's not over yet! In some minutes I go to see Kiki and Mimi again ^o^

But now I have some time to show you some funny puricuras ääääh pardon: "Poupecuras" that I made at poupeegirl ^_____^
I didn'd know that they have this funktion on poupee......o.O maybe it's just for a limited time, so I created lots of funny and silly poupecuras with the poupees of Kiki, Kirschu and me .

just my poupe
I transformed this silly Ken into a Kirisho
Kiki's and my poupe
Kischu, me and Kiki
Today's coord
we ♥ Japan
we ♥ Golden Bomber
Memeshikute with yellow pompons
lots os poupe-"friends"
little poupes of Kiki and Kirschu
Preiswert Perfekt by Valreie Denzer
... Miwa-san...
so, now I wasted your time..... 'cause for you it's probably not that interesting... ^.^°
but the next days posts will be a little more intersting, I swear!!!
bye bye ~chu  ♥

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