Apr 3, 2012

Shopping saturday with Mimi and Kiki

Hello everybody ^o^
Last saturday Kiki, Mimi and me, we decided to got shopping in the shopping center "Alexa". The weather was the worst ever..... so we didn't miss anything outside ^^°

I tried a "not that cute look"... more rockish or whatever ...

I did my eye makup like I did last weekend....

At first we were searching for the BoboQ bubble tea bar at the Alexanderplatz! We never bought there our bubble tea and I wanted to try it!
.... it took some time to find...

Conclusion about BoboQ : the bubble tea didn't tast better than in other bubble tea bars! It's yummie <3 <3 <3 but I don't tast any difference!

The shopping center was full of people like always... so nothing special!

We had a shot stop at the massage seats ^.^ Kiki wanted to use one of them ~haha so cool

I just bought stuff at "Colloseum" ... I never bought garments there... but they had some very romantic Liz Lisa-Style blouses <3 <3 <3 So I bought one!

And I bought two bolero jackets to wear over sleevless dresses or tops !

In the evening we visited the cocktail bar ZAZA ^o^

I had a Mojito and the best mixed salat with king prawns in whole Berlin!

We talked a lot about Tekken and..... I saw it comming...... Kiki and Mimi convinced me with the idea to cosplay Tekken charactes... ( I don't know anything about Tekken... I'm not a gamer at all -.-°)
But the character will be cool ^___^

bye bye and chu~ <3

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Noressa Henness said...

Seems a funny day ;D
Thank for your comment, I'm following you too ;D