Apr 5, 2012

outfit/ eastern/ what I'm doing

Hello everybody ^o^
This post will be about different random things...

First my outfit last Sunday when I went to Kiki and Mimi!

But we didn't do anything spectacular... so I didn't take any photos...
Oh by the way, this is the Tekken character they want me to cosplay! No, I actually also want to cosplay her ^^° They convinced me!

This week I decorated the easter bunch ^o^

All the easter eggs are painted by myself and by my father when I was young ^.^
some close-ups!

At the moment I have two cosplay orders! This unifrorm twice:

So I did the pattern constructions today!

The fabric and the trimmings I will use!

And at the moment I'm a bit sad because these super cool steam punk guns are already SOLD OUT at poupeegirl... Q___________Q It's the first day of the selling... and already  SOLD OUT.

Let's hope that the other things that I want to buy in reality are NOT sold out already!!!
bye bye and chu~ <3


SUSEIKI said...

Ich mag deine Kette !! <3

Noressa Henness said...

Love your style and blog. I also love japan. such a beatiful and mysterious country
wanna follow each others?