Apr 10, 2012

my Easter Saturday

Hello everybody ^o^
I konw that the word  Easter Saturday doesn't exist. But I mean it's the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. So why don't call it easter Saturday ^.^°

I start with my makeup as always! I just want to show you how I do my lower eyelid line. Here is a photo without the lashes.
I defenitly need new lower lashes -.-° I don't like to wear always the same ones...

my outfit:

Kiki and I started as usual: bubble tea ^^°
Here a photo from the subway.

Actually I wanted to search for a skirt that matches ma new romantic and floral blouse that I bought last weekend! I don't have anythinf to coordinate...
I didn't find any.... and we ended up as always... shopping!!!!!!!!

H&M sells shorts with a hem in bows! I've seen it very often from different gal labels!
But the cut is too sporty.... I didn't like it...

But I bought a super cool cowboy hat at H&M

And I bought a simple leopard dress ^o^

There was a really nice top on sale! I couldn't resist!

hmmm... just me in the changing room ^^°
Aah, and I also tried this zebra dress on! It's very sexy... but it was too tight for my body....-.-°

So we did defenetly nothing special but it was so funny XXDDD
word of the day "schhhhhheeeeiiiißen" ... Kiki will understand ^o^
.... we ate something

And in the evening we coloured our nails ^o^
Kiki had the idea to try such a stawberry design that she had seen in Emi's blog Beauty is an opinion
I hope it's ok. that we copied the idea ^^°
My nails didn't turn out that good.... I'm not good at nail design ..^^° Kikis are much better!

So that's it!
Next post will be about my Easter Sunday with my family!
bye bye ^.^ ~ chu <3

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