Feb 3, 2012

Agejo- I got it !

Hello everybody ^o^
The past few days I found out some (for me) new infos about different gyaru styles.
I personaly started to get interested in gyaru styling just a couple of month ago. And sometimes it's still confusing when I read an article or blog and there are new terms or names in that I didn't know before!

Remember when I argued about the AGEHA? (I found out that the complete name is "Koakuma Ageha") Now I found out what style it really shows and why I was not fully convinced of some of the stylings!!!
Ageha has established a completely new style known as "agejo"!
(the following pictures are scans from my ageha february issue.)
 It's the type of woman that look so damn glamourus and sexy. I always felt like it's a mixture of onee-gal and hime gyaru....
 The hairstyles are characterized by much volume, big curles, big hair or even in a staight elegant way. It looks more adult and glamourus!
 And the clothes are also adult, sexy, feminin and even sometimes casual. Only sometimes romantic and girly.
Agejo looks cute and sexy! (Platform) high heels, elegant dresses.....
 This style is inspired by and also made for hostesses!!!
That's why there are so many evening gowns in..... *wakata*.... now I got it.
 Some of the models even work as hostesses! The stylings that are heavily related to hostess styling are those that didn't please me!!!
But of cause also lots of other girls have adaped that style and made it very popular apart from the hostess business.

And please forget that I wrote Himena Ousaki (one of my favourite models) always wears hime gyaru.... No, actually she often wears agejo. Himena in "Golds Infinity"
 She often wears MA*RS and I think this ia a good example of agejo or sometimes hime kaji clothing!
 This MA*RS outfit is even more hime/hime kaji.
Hime kaji (hime casual) What's that? This is a casual way of hime gyaru styling. More everyday wear with a touch royalty of a princess.This LIZ LISA twinkle outfit is hime kaji with a big tendency of real hime kei.

I often mixed the styles called agejo and hime kaji up with real hime gyaru styling....
But it's different!
Real hime gyarus don't want to look too sexy... they are little dream princesses. Big, puffy hair, lots of bows, frills and lace, pearls, jewels, delicate and cute dresses. Like a royal and rich girl from the European 18th century.
Special labels are "Jesus Diamante" or "La Parfait".
(the pictures are from http://suiprincess.tumblr.com/ and http://starreprincess.blogspot.com/ )
I hope I could set it right. Hopefully now I'm able to distinguish between agejo, hime kaji and hime gyaru!!!
sorry for that wall of text....

I don't know what I'm going to do the next days (appart from learning)...????
But I wish you all a nice weekend ♥

bye bye and chu~ ♥

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