Feb 7, 2012

just antoher boring post (´ー`)

Hello everybody ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
At the moment I'm fed up with learing (´Д`) *määäh* 3 exams left (of 8) math, chemistry and fashioning technics....
So the weekend was again a little variety... although I did what I'm doing nearly every weekend: meet with Kiki  ( ^▽^)

Here are some pictures after I used the hair dryer(*~▽~) and of  how I did my eye makeup.

~haha~ so voluminous but so tousled hair ^.^°~
without lashes,without eyeliner
only with upper lashes
upper and lower lashes and eyeshadow.

only simple outfit (by H&M and Tally Weijl) and with my hair done
But I wore my new leopard wedges (≧◡≦) to pimp up the outfit. They were less uncomfortable than I thought. But with the fresh snow the next day it was....diffucult (^^;)
but I left off the legwarmers...
 We went to Neo Tokyo to see if any new magazines have arrived... but there weren't any (¬_¬) I just bought the janurary issue of "Seventeen" because I never had this mag before and because of the kawaii extra present (≧◡≦)
a cosmetic bag with Hello Kitty X One Piece (Chopper)
 I don't like One Piece that much but it's still so present in Japan! Everywhere you are, everywhere you go everywhere is One Piece...(gimmicks, on food, on clothes, as decoration...everywhere!!!) I noticed this, when I was in Japan with Kiki and Michi last summer!!!

Well, Kiki wanted to have a new "egg" or "Popteen" but there weren't even old summer issues (except those we have already) ... so she just bought two mangas an we went to drink a bubble tea!
Kiki searching for old issues...she found nothing (╥_╥)
'cause it was on our way: bubble tea (≧ω≦)
After this we just walked through the shops and bought nothing! Except frill socks from the children's appartment of H&M for 2,95€
they are so strechy that they fit!!!
Here just some random photos:
me and my hair ^^°...the shadows below my eyes are scary ^o^°~
we want summer, we want sunny times ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
at H&M
In the evening we were cozyly sitting at Kikis home and watching the Golden Bomber movie and drinking some champagne (≧ω≦)

Next time I'll show you some scans of the "Seventeen" issue I bought. It's more for younger girls (as the name says) with casual but cute stylings!
bye bye folks ^o^
chu~ ♥

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