Feb 28, 2012

"Ageha" and "Egg" scans

Hello everybody ^o^
Today I wanna show you some interesting pages of my new "Ageha" and "Egg" issues.
I start with some scans from "Ageha" 03 2012
makeup and hairstyles with Sakurina
new outfits from "Secret Magic" and "Ank Rouge" ~I love "Ank Rouge"♥
news from "Liz Lisa" and "Pinza" ~ both so pretty ♥
lovely coords ♥ and a Lolita in Ageha o.O very interesting
nice hats of Sakurina (top) and very cool hairstyle of Himena (bottom)
a special of Himena Ousaki and "Ma*rs"
daily routine in a "Ma*rs" shop - does Himena really work at "Ma*rs"? I'm not well informed about such stuff -.-°
wow~ all girls so glamorous with their Hostess-look
beautyful nails ^o^
The more I watch the "Ageha", the more I like it! I wouldn't have thought this some time ago ^.^°

following pages from "Egg" 03 2012
cute Mirai Saito ♥ love her cute face ^.^
colourfull new clothes from "JSG" and "CocoLulu"...is it the same as "Co&Lu" ? o.O
hot Gals with casual style
seems as if denim is very trendy
street groove ~always so cool Gals
very colourfull looks ^o^ I like it when they show different styles
she is a newbie in "Egg" but I like her somehow~ she's so cooool ~ look how she was looking some time ago (at the top)  ^o^
yeeeha~ pajama party
cool Gals with cool bikes ^v^ ~ .....a friend of mine Michi would be jealous
I hope you liked the pages! New magazines always give my so much inspiration!!!
bye bye ~ chu 


tine said...

*___* so tolle sachen
man merkt das es langsam frühling wird. so tolle blumenmuster und egg mit den tollen farbigen sachen *_*

hast du die zeitschriften aus dem neo? ich habe immer das große unglück, dass wenn ich hingehe es nur noch die reste gibt u__u

Maachahime said...

Naaah, ich will die Zeitschriften auch endlich haben xD;

Himena hat als Ma*rs Staff angefangen und wurde dann als Model entdeckt! ^^
Arbeitet jetzt nur noch ab und an da.

~*NeNe*~ said...

haha wie genial xD
aba hey 5€, voll gut xD dadurch das ich die zeitungen eh immer mitschleppe wären eh knicke reingekommen xD...

hast schöne seiten aus den zeitungen rausgesucht ^-^/
danke für deinen kommi <3