Feb 20, 2012

Friday/ Lots of hair styles/ Sunday

Hello everybody ^^  Thank you for 10 followers now *____* and it's very nice that I get to know new blogs because of my followers ♥ Thank you ^o^
Last friday I went to the turkish market to buy fabric! Actually I wanted to show you some photos of the market and write a short rewiew...*bläää* but it was raining the hole day and I was not in the mood to take photos... but I will do this when weather is better when I'm on the market again ^o^

This was my outfit:
I used one of my new selfmade bows to decorate the fur hat
I shortly show you my gets on the market: I got everything for Jun (Golden Bomber) and Kirisho (Golden Bomber) but nothing for Kikis Yutaka (Golden Bomber )cosplay ...-.-°
everything I'll use for Kirschus (Jun) Cosplay
everything I'll use for my  cosplay
In the evening I started my new laptop and I had to make these back ups of the whole system... It took so much time (I didn't have to do anything for it- it worked alone) that I hade some time to try out new hairstyles!
Here are the results:  (the first bow is my newest selfmade one)
too Lolita like for my taste...
more hime gyaru like
same hair style but side view
opened hair
The next day I met up with Kiki ♥ sorry that I was so bitchy that day.....*gomen* >___<°
In the morning I wanted to make my makeup with lashes and everything that belongs to it... half-finished I noticed that my lashes glue was...EMPTY Q___Q So I took my bike and went fast to "Rossmann" but they had no seperate glue..So I had to take lashes WITH glue ~haha~
that's the way I did my eye makeup
...then I changed it slightly
the other side

 my coord:
bow- selfmade
dress - H&M
cardy - Bodyline
fur legwarmers - market in Fridrichshagen ~haha
I bought the new issues (march) of "Ageha" and "Egg" at Neo Tokyo
 I tryed a super nice dress at Tally Weijl! I wanna buy it when I have some more money ^o^
According to the BVG strike the subway was not driving and was even not opened... tho whole district was closed at the Alexanderplatz -.-° we wanted a bubble tea there... hmmmmm so we just bought "Capri Sonne" instead of bubble tea. What a replacement ^.^°

And my friend Kirschu sent my a package as I told you! There was a letter inside and I didn't know that Q______Q It was hidden behind another carton at the bottom of the package ^^° I just found it per coincidance. Soooo cute dear ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks Kirschu and *gomen nasai*...that I didn't find it earlier.-.-°
with cute Digimon-stickes ♥ I love Digimon

bye bye gals - chu~ ♥


Maachahime said...

Uuh uhh gib mir was von deinem Können ab! *O* xD
Und seeehr schöne Frisuren. ♥

Nine ♥ said...

zu dem Stoffmarkt mag ich auch unbedingt mal gehen <3
die Stoffe sehen so toll aus und deine Schleifen erst recht ~

Lau said...

aaaaah, dankeschööööööööön <3 <3 <3 @Maachahime, @Nine ♥