Feb 24, 2012

Style Evolution

Hello everybody ^o^
As I said; i wanna show you my change in styles and hairstylings since ....I guess almost 2005 ^.^
I don't know whether it's interesting for all of you but I found such syle evolutions in other blogs ,too. For examle in
 Mayas http://maachahime.blogspot.com/ or Aijis http://yasha-hime.blogspot.com/ blogs, two of my followers ^o^
And I personaly always likt to see something like this ~haha
so lots of fun:

long time ago ^o^                         and first try of coloured hair

new haircut 2007                  and I tryed to be visual kei like

    always changed between dolly like                 and being visu

dyed  my hair purple                          and different styles

hmmm oshare kei like              2008 A-level eximination party

    no wig - my real hair                           I was a big fan of Miyavi

my prom hair style                   I always had stickers in my face

more visual kei hairstyle                 and again pink

december 2008 I nearly changed my haircolour every week

can you see all the posters in the background >.<°

                 2009 blond and black                  and a visu outfit

summer 2009 more female again ;     wanted my blond again

 blond and even more blond

2010 big bows and a                               bang again

2011 new haircolour but didn't like that much

now 2012
I discovered the gyaru-style just some month ago...so I practice every time and I'm still a beginner. But don't take it too serious! It's just about fashion and styling! Let's have fun ^o^

bye bye ~chu


tine said...

ich finde gyaru steht dir echt gut aber auch die sp├Ąteren visufotos sehen echt gut aus *o*v

Mimichan said...

Whoa krass wie schon gesagt deine Haare waren echt wahnsinn wobei ich dir Farbe von 2008 A-level eximination party echt toll finde +___+ <3

jacqueline. said...

Ich hab's tats├Ąchlich gefunden /D
Zu gut!