Feb 15, 2012

Fluff's Birthday Party!

Hello everybody ^o^
Finally my semeser break has started an I hope that I find some more time to blog ^^
I want to use the free time to sew a lot (cosplays and stuff for my own).
But first I'll show you what I did last weekend.

I tryed a new hairstyle. I like it very much. It's cute and a little bit hime gyaru like, I think.
I did these big curls with my staightening iron! I don't have a curling iron yet...so I tryed the straightening iron for curling... and it works!!!!! (^v^)v
very simple coord that day... trousers and fat tights under them!!! It was soo cold...-15C°
First I met with Kiki and we strolled throught a shopping center. H&M sells very cute tops at the moment in black, bordeaux and beige with big bows *____* They somehow reminded me of tops from "Ma*rs" (just a little bit) and Kiki bought the bordeaux coloured one!
me with the black one
our present for Fluff: a bubble gum mashine ^o^
At 6pm we went to Fluff's flat and a lot of people were already there. It was very nice. Funny people, yummie food, delicious drinks, cool music.
That weekend Michi was also in Berlin, so she could party with us ^o^
And look at the beautiful birthday girl Fluff  ♥ She designed and swed her outfit on her own !!! Just such a cute lavender dotted dress with  hair bow ♥ and curled hair ♥ she looked amazing *___*
Afterwards Kiki, Michi, Fluff, lot of the guests and me went to an event called "Live Karaoke". It's no ordinary karaoke. You are one a stage with a real band and you are the singer >.< So great. I didn't sing... but in two weeks we will go again to that party ^o^ The atmosphere was like on a concert. So fantastic.
Fluff and Keks on the stage !
 so far...
next time I'll show you some stuff that has arrived, some fabric that I bought and some accessories that I made ^.^
see you soon bye bye and chu~ ♥

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