Feb 21, 2012

New top

Hello everybody ^o^
This is just a short post! At the moment I'm working at the cosplays I have to sew. But this is not what I wanted to show you ^.^°
some boring patten constructions ....

...but I want to show you my new top! It's selfmade. I got the idea from the T-shirts they are selling at H&M at the moment with the big bow in front. And actually it looks a little bit Ma*rs like... don't you think?
 I pimped up an old long-sleeved sweater! Ther colour of the floral fabric could have been bolder, more pink in... but it's o.k. ^^° I like it nevertheless!
I also made matching items to the top. A bow and a scrunchy ^o^
At least I wanna show you the most horrible photo of all....
why is it still snowing Q____Q ? I WANT SPRING ! .....
The next post will be about my style change during the last years!
And I guess I also wanna show you some photos of my journey to Japan last summer with Kiki and Michi in one of the next posts! (It's already 6 month ago Q___Q).
bye bye ~chu

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