Feb 27, 2012

My weekend

Hello everybody ^o^
I'm very happy that you follow my blog and that some of you write comments ♥ Thank you so much ^o^

Today I just want to show you some photos of my weekend.
My outfit friday morning when I just went outside in our small shopping passage.
First I was a bit sad because I would'nt meet Kiki this weekend. But in the evening I met Fluff and we went to "Like Karaoke" again! ^o^
My curls looked funny when I made them ^v^
I decorated my hat with one of my beloved bows.
I did my eye makeup as usual. Not very extraodinary...
First I went to Fluff. She has a sweets cream with her name on it ^.^
It's strawberry marshmallow cream. OMG I have to buy it ♥ it's sweet and pink and tasts like stawberry marshmallow ♥♥♥
Do you know where I have seen this before? 
Himena Osaki used it for posing in the february issue of "Ageha" o.O it's defenitly the same!
 Then we went to a friend of Fluff, she is called Keks. Keks made delicious pancakes ^o^  Some other friends arrived.
Keks has three cute rats ♥___♥ Sorry I forgot the names....
original and fake, can you see the difference? ~haha
Then we all went to "Life Karaoke" This time with the motto "Rockstarz".
But it was also a Rocker single party ~haha I completely forgot this. So we all got heart stickers with a name. And you had to search for your counterpart. For example Edward and Bella or Mario and Luigi or Bart and Lisa Simpson. 
I got Stitch to search for Lilo... OMG o.O Stitch... what a coincidence. Kiryuuin-san is often compared to Stitch... ~haha what a coincidence ^o^'
I was very funny at "Life Karaoke" But nearly all my photos are blurred... btw. I didn't find my counterpart.
But I found photos on the homepage of "Life Karaoke" http://www.live-karaoke.net/ of two weeks ago.
You are on a stage with a real rockband. It's so fantastic. You feel like on a concert!

So and now I will sew my cosplays.....
bye bye ~ chu♥


Aiji said...

Seems you had a lot of fun ^__^
And you always look so good! *_* I'm jealous. Your clothes, your styling. So cool *Q*~

And - did you find your Lilo? XD lol

Lau said...

Thank you so much @Aiji yes lot of fun ^o^
you're cool, too ^.^

Maachahime said...

Woow, ich liebe dein Karaoke-Outfit! **
...Und die Locken sahen anfangs aus wie Pin-up Style! xD