Feb 16, 2012

New stuff, fabric and what I made out of it! [PART 2]

Hello everybody ^o^ Ready for part two?  ♥
Next is the fabric that I bought to sew accessories. Some bows are already done ^v^. This has nothing to do with cosplay! It's just for me because I like such big bows ~haha
Some are even hime gyaru like  ♥

Beautiful fabric with rose pattern. I made a bow and a bracelet out of it! The bow is a little bit "Ma*rs" like!
Buttons that I bought.

Pink fabric with dotts. I made two bows ^o^

Other fabrics .... the next days I will also change these fabrics into lovely bows ^.^
And I also bought super lovely lace. I used it for these bows. The bows look a bit like "La Parfait".
Last weekend I was allowed to take one of the beautiful paper flowers with me that was decoration at Fluff's birthday party ^^° I will use it as a hair accessory! Keks has made it. It's so terrific!
I also made another bow in brown with a hairtie to hold in your hair. This bow is more "Liz Lisa" style...
And finally my sandals/slip ons have arrived^^ They were very cheap. Just around 17€. I bought them at ebay. The way they are looking at the moment is very boring but I want to decorate them like hime gyaru sandals from "Jesus Diamante" or "La Parfait"! With roses and frills and lace >.<
 And last but not least: my fox tail ^o^ It's selfmade. It's real fox fur. I got it as as present when I worked at RODAN LEATHER-DESIGN some years ago... and now I used the fur ^.^

So, I hope that I didn't forget anything ^^° Sorry for so many photos @.@°
Tomorrow I will buy fabric for the next cosplays on the turkish market at the Maibachufer (Berlin Kreuzberg). Let's see what I get! Hopefully everything!
bye bye gals  ♥ ~chu  ♥

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