Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ^^

Hello everybody ^o^
Yeah, today is (was) Valentine's Day ^^°
No, I didn't get anything but I prepared some Valentine's chocolate as it is typical in Japan. I made them for Kiryuuin Shou (Golden Bomber)....^^°
 Okay that sounds weird because he is the singer of a japanese Rockband... and actually I can't give it to him and he defenitly won't be intrested XXDDD
But I really wanted to do this like a stupid little fangirl >.< 
So I made photos of the chocolate and send him a tweet with links to the photos! I don't know whether he even saw the photos -.-°
But I'll show you how I made it!

the ingredients I used
- milk chokolate couverture
- marzipan paste
- little choclate toppings
- food colouring
- sugarcoating
I used plasic forms to build up hearts out of the marzipan paste
me with my "Gammeloutfit" ^.^°
different sizes of hearts, stars and colourd marzipan balls
let the couverture melt
inbetween I made a marzipan rose ^v^
I covert the hearts with chocolate and decorated them
the biggest heart got Tamiya-stars (typical of Kirisho)
I decorated the plate
writing with chocolate was so much fun that I scribbled on a board "Golden Bomber"
"Kiryuuin Shou"
and "happy Valentine" ^o^
These are the two final photos that I send him!
That was my tweet with the links of the photos. I hope that I translated and wrote it not too wrong >__<°
"Happy Valentine's Day for you link link love you [self-made chocolate from Germany]♥ (≧ω≦)

Next post will be about Fluff's birthday party on last weekend. ^o^
bye bye gals ~chu

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