Feb 9, 2012

"Seventeen" scans

Hello everybody ( ^▽^)
As promised I'll show you some scans from the "Seventeen" issue I bought last weekend. It's rather an old issue...january... In Japan it was released in the end of november! That's why there is so many christmas stuff inside (¬_¬) hmmm~ well....
But I've never bought that magazine before and so I wanted to have one!
the cover and the extra present
The japanese magazine is made for young girls around the age of seventeen -haha~ as the title says! 
I'm feeling somehow too old for this magazine.... whatever.
It shows nice casual and cute clothes always with a touch of retro! I love these garments for simple but cute outfits and stylings!
I love the long sleeved dresses and the long and body-hugging sweaters. I love the peter-pan-collars and the soft and romantic colours!
But as you can see the girls are really looking like japanese school girls. Dark hair, absolutely not pimped up with hair styling or makeup.

There are also advices and examples fot the perfect christmas party with friends and christmas date with your boyfriend....(¬_¬) I really wanted to see something like this BEFORE christmas and not AFTER.... *määäh*
... whatever...christmas is already over for a long time!!!!!!!
some other scans
That's all so far.

Conclusion: The garments and outfits are really lovely and I like them a lot! I't that casual cute style I also like to wear often. But it's defenitly made for younger readers. The girls look so narural and innocent. That's not my taste. It never was...even when I was younger! I like to see more extravagant stylings and stark makeups.
But I want to try out everything! So it's really o.k.^o^

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