Mar 29, 2012

outfit/ mint green/old Ageha issue

Hello everybody ^o^
University has started again and so I dont have very intersting experiences to share with you ^^°
But I have to post something... otherwise the blog gets boring!
So I just show you my outfit from tuesday when I had a day off and some inspiration pictures.

 Lovely outfit and just basic makup!
The weather was so nice the past days ^.^ It felt like spring and summer in the same time ^o^ Thin blazers, no scarfs thin tights! I looove it so much <3 <3 <3
But today it got colder again and rainy... -.-°

At the moment I'd like to wear mint green garments, if I had some more! I just own one mint green top/onepiece... I need more!
love mint green

Some time ago I borrowed an old Ageha issue from Kiki. Its from December last year but I like some pages very much!
Since I have to give it back soon, I made some scans of my favourite pages^.^ (I start with the cover)

This is what I'm doing in my freetime! Pattern constructions!

Tomorrow after univerity I'll go to the turkish market for buying fabric! Maybe Mimi and Kiki will accompany me! (I always got to the market when it's shit weather...-.-°)
Mimi comes to Berlin this weekend to see Kiki and me! <3 I wonder what we will do ?^.^

bye bye~ chu <3

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