Dec 11, 2012

Casual outfit post

Hello everybody ^^

I just wanna show you a bunch of outfits of the last weeks.
All are everyday outfits for university!
So most of them are casual.

fashion point: same leopard pattern in cross and pants

fashion point: baggy look

fashion point: how to coordinate the yellow dress?

fashion point: bobble cap

fashion point: Liz Lisa dress

fashion point: pleated skirt

fashion point: matching legwarmers with pullover
My fellow student Aurora gave me two pair of shoes *o* They are soooo cool. Her mom bought them years ago and never used them. So Aurora thought I might like them ^^° She war right^^

fashion point: selfmade fringe top and new shoes
bye bye ~ chu <3


Tama-Licious said...

^___^ I love reading your blog , dear!!!

And I love your clothes Ö_Ö

Rukipe said...

You are such a fashionable girl! <3
I love outift number 2 & 4 ~ looks very comfy and cute.

Eunji♥ said...

I love your clothes!! ^^

Lau said...

heeeeey ich freue mich, dass du meinen blog liest <3 ^o^
thank youuuuuu <3

Lau said...

you're a fahionable girl, too ^^ I also love your coords <3
thank youuuuuu *o*

Lau said...

oh, dear *o* thanxxx sooo much <3