Dec 9, 2012

Nail inspiration pictures

Hello it's me again ^^°

I decided to show you some pictures I use as inspirations concerning nail designs! Otherwise my sister and me would be super idealess about my nails.

It's just gyaru nail designs that I adore!!!
 I don't own the rights of the photos ^^ just found them all via goole picture search or at some blogs that I follow!

Just have a look and get ispired, too^^

I like medium-lenght stilettos (pointed nails) up to a little bit rounded shape the most. Rocking, cute, colourfull, gamourus...I wanna try out everything ~haha

bye bye ~ chu<3

1 comment:

ユネたん said...

Ich liebe alle designs*-* Ich bin auch schon lang auf der suche nach nägeln, aber ich finde keine die gut aussehen und bezahlbar sind v.v

deine nägel aus dem vorherigen post sind super hübsch*-* will auch!! <3