Dec 1, 2012

Favourite place of my room

Hello gals ^o^

I actually did this post as a themepost for the blog of our gyarusa GG-glitter.
It's about favourite rooms or special places of our flats!
But I think I also show it to you here ^^.

The favourite place of my room is a beanbag chair next to the heating. When I'm sitting on it I lean with my back at the heating ^o^
Furthermore there are some items next to me which I definitely need for relaxing with entertainement ^o^

My gyaru magazines (Egg, Popteen, Ageha, Ranzuki), a table lamp, my Nintendo DS with a Pokémon editon, Pokémon walkthrough boooklet, sweets (sugar hearts right now), a manga (Lady Oskar at the moment)!

When I'm sitting on the beanbag chair I have a view over my complete room. Heating and window are in my back.
I can see my bed and the selection of japanese paper bags on my wall. (Yes, I select paper bags of my favourite japanese shops ^^°). There are also few posters and the round mirror where I always do my outfit photos ^^° You can see me there sitting~ haha

Sitting on the beanbag chair, left to me there is another mirror ^^°..the mirror of my wardrobe... I'm sourrounded by mirrors~haha

bye bye ~ chu <3


Eunji♥ said...

You're so cute! ^3^

Lau said...

@ Eunji
awwww~ >///< thankxxx <3

Chia said...

I love your bedroom!

And your style are amazing! lovely!

Lau said...

thank you <3
I always feel happy when I read such nice comments <3