Dec 9, 2012

New nails at my sister's place

Hello everybody ^o^

Last Sunday I got my nails done by my sister. She lives in Potsdam and so my niece and I had to go there very early.
 It takes 2 hours to go there and it takes a long time for my sister to make new nails for me AND my niece.

tired in the regional train...
It was the first Advent weekend and just in time it started snowing ^o^
photo from my window on Saturday
When we arrived at my sister's house they started with the nails of my niece and I had time to assort my nail trimmings. 
lots of deco stuff
mirror photo ^^° here you can still see my old nail design
here you can see the small nail studio of my sister Katja
all the different gel colours and tools
the finished nails of my niece - she likes them simple and pure
These are my nails in progress.
sadly I neede some new tips... cause my real nails were too damaged under the old gel layers
this is a sketch of the design I was aiming for
these were my nail inspirations:
crosses and "studs"
colours and overall look
And this is how it turned out:

my nails

By the way, this was my outfit ^o^

(hat - Tally Weijl; waistcoat - New Yorker; dress - honeys; bow, legwarmers - selfmade)
When I came home in the evening it started to snow again^^

bye bye gals ~ chu <3


Luna said...

Du hast es so gut eine Schwester zu haben, die Nagelstylistin ist <3

Lau said...

jaaaa, du hast recht ^^° Luckyyyy! ... aber sie hat sich das auch alles nur selbst beigebracht und macht das nicht beruflich...

Jenny ♥ said...

oha voll schön!! *_*

suтεωι~ ☆ said...

Deine Nägel sind mal wieder total hübsch geworden! <3 Bin richtig neidich dass du jemanden hast der dir immer welche macht ><

Lau said...

thank youuuuu XD

Lau said...

ich bin auch wirklich dankbar, dass ich dafür jemanden habe *o* das könnte ich mir sonst auch nicht leisten...^^°
thanxxxx for your comment ^^