Dec 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello everybody ^^

Christmas is over and New Year's Eve forecasts ^^. Today in the evening I'm going up to Gadbeck where Michi lives. I'm going to celebrate New Year's Eve with my friends there just like the years before ^o^
Happyyyyy <3

But I wanna show you some photos of this year's Christmas!
I start with my styling of Christmas Eve!

curls curls curls... and exte ^o^
I love how the curls turned out that day <3
onepiece, belt - Ma*rs; bag - Primark; cardigan, bow, mules - selfmade

At 4pm we all went to my sisters place to have cake and coffee and for handing out the presents and for supper.

Nadine (my niece) and me ^^°...haha~ typical posed photo ^^°
At my sisters Christmas tree I found the prettiest tree decorations I've ever seen *o* The angel, the elve and the ballerina.

wow~ all the presens (and my sister's dog Kira^^°...who is NOT a present!)
my unpacked presents ^o^
I got a pillow and two pillow covers, a beautycase, a onepiece/sewater, nail art stuff, Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows part 2  DVD, complete 4th season of my favourite TV series "Primeval" and complete Manga series "Gals"! Oh and of course lots of sweets (which I forgot to put in the photo).

muffins that my niece made ^o^
back detail of the sweater

The next day the complete family came to us! That means my other sister, her man and their daughter also came! I got a voucher for TKmax from her!
My styling of the 25th !

I wore my new selfmade onepiece ^o^ (Nadine in the background)
it's not that easy to make hairstyles with extensions^^°
but I like how it turned out ^o^

I used eyemazing No. 4...
...for this simpler eye makeup (lighter than the day before)

We went on a Christmas walk...but it was raining -.-°... very good conditions for curled hair...NOT!...

I wore a belt around my poncho for the first time ^^ I like it
I don't want to bore you with family photos.... so just one photo of our living room! My family does not want to be in the blog ^^°

In addition a cute jacket that I ordered some time ago, arrived exactly at christmas! Luckyyyy!!! ^o^

creepy without lenses, huh?

Aaaaand I sewed a simple skirt ^o^ with matching bow!

different ways to wear it ^^
That's it!
bye bye~ and have a nice New Year's Eve and I wish you all a Happy New Year (if I don't blog this year any more ^^°....)... let's see
bye bye ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

wow, du siehst immer so toll aus *-* ich liebe dein Make up und deine Outfits!
Und tolle Geschenke :3

tine said...

hey lau,
dein erstes make up gefällt mir echt super gut <3
und die jacke mit öhrchen *o*... du scheinst echt schöne weihnachten gehabt zu haben.

Patri Lavulin said...

cute outfits ^^

Lau said...

dankööööö für die das überschwängliche Lob <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

danke danke <3
ja schade, dass es schon wieder vorbei ist ^^°....

Lau said...

@Patri Lavulin
thank you soooo much <3

Komachi said...

Zuerst war ich skeptisch deinem Kleid gegenüber, aber getragen sieht es echt super hübsch aus! Sehr elegant! Und auch die Kombi mit dem Leo-Rock und dem grünen Pulli finde ich super! Du machst echt hübsche Sachen! :)
Du hast mal geschrieben, dass du Modedesign studierst.. könntest du mir vielleicht ein paar Infos zu deinem Studiengang zukommen lassen? Würde mich auch ganz doll interessieren :) (meine Mail: jamei19866[at] )

Lau said...

dankeschööön ^^
p.s. ich studiere Bekleidungstechnik!!!!!!! Das ist kein Modedesign^^°