Dec 21, 2012

Outfits and random stuff

Hello everybody ^^

Christmas is near and tomorrow will be our GG-Glitter gyarusa meet up ^o^ I'm really looking foreward to it <3

Some minutes are left of the 21.12.2012 and the world did not end until now ^^° ~haha

So I'll show you some casual outfits that I wore at university!

fashion point: ko-gal/schooluniform alike
the same outfit like before but with full winter equipment ^^°
fashion point: cute schoolgirl
fashion point: matching shades of brown
fashion point: cross sweater
fashion point: (fake) fur meets orange
fashion point: black X hot pink
fashion point: Liz Lisa skirt (and style)
Did you notice how my overknee boots have changed?

Do you see the difference?
That's how they were looking like when I bought them.
But I added a fake leather part at the top to lengthen them and added metal loops with a ribbon and finally added a fake leather ribbon around the ankle.

Now I love them even more *o*
Did I tell you that I watched "The Hobbit" in cinema last week?
I'm a hunge fan of Tolkiens stories and mythologies and I'm crazy about Peter Jacksons "The Lord of the Rings" movies.
So I was uber-excited to watch the film *o*

I know there are some negative aspects about the movie, some characters and so much fights... but I think I can overlook them ^^ 
The enjoyment and enthusiasm outweights the negative points ^^
I can recommand it!!!

I love the music main theme and the song of the dwarfs <3
Sorry for bothering you with that stuff ^^°....

bye bye gals ~
chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

Wunderschöne Outfits mal wieder *_* und die Schuhe sehen toll aus

Lau said...

dankeschön <3
ja, die Schuhe gefallen mir jetzt erst richtig!!!

Komachi said...

Wow, du hast die Schuhe echt aufgepeppt - gefällt mir richtig gut! ^^