Dec 6, 2012

Last Saturday - meeting friends

Hello everybody ^o^

Last Saturday I just met with some friends to go for a meal and for chatting and laughing and and so on ^^°
So nothing special to report about but I'll show you some photos and my outfit!

after all those cool and rocking outfits I felt like dressing up roma again ^o^
blouse (actually a dress) - honeys; skirt - Liz Lisa; beret - H&M; bow - selfmade)
hairstyle - two braids with curled ends
even my warmest coat is too cold... I need a warmer one...!!
Before we met I still had some time to get a sneak peek at the big christmas market next to the Alexandetplatz. It's more or less a funfair than a christmas market ^^°... But I loooove funfair rides!

I hope I can go there again with somebody who likes to use the funfair rides ^o^...alone it's so boring -.-°

Kiki and me went to Neo Tokyo and I bought two magazines.
Popteen and Egg December issues
Later on I met with Kiki, Bathsi, Baha and a friend of them at "Good Morning Vietnam". We had delicious food and it was really funny ^o^~ haha

Afterwards we were searching for a nice café. But all were full of people... and we could not decide for a movie at the cinema.... so we ended up at Starbucks at the Hackische Höfe^^°

everybody on the smartphones -.-°
another Ferris wheel and another christmas market
bye bye ~chu <3


Shou said...

Total schöne Bilder^^ Dein Outfit ist so süß, du hast so viel Liebe hinein gesteckt :3
Der Mantel ist wirklich schön aber ich kenne das: Solche Mäntel sind meistens leider nicht so warm :( ich muss mir dringend ne dicke (hässliche) Jacke kaufen, aber ich wills einfach nur warm XDD

Lau said...

dankeschööööön <3
ja genau das denke ich mir auch! Ich brauch nen (bestimmt hässlichen) aber warmen Mantel!!! ~haha gut, dass nicht nur ich so denke XD