Dec 11, 2012

Meeting and eating with Kaoru

Hello gals ^o^
Last week Kikis Japanese friend Kaoru came to Germany for holydays. She also visited Kiki here in Berlin. So I also could meet her again ^^
Do you remember Kaoru from my old posts from Japan?  here and here

my outfit in the morning (befor university)

my makeup (after university ^^°)

very simple with lashes...

I met with Kiki and Kaoru in the evening. We went quickly to the big christmas market and them met with Baha and Bathsi at the Japanese restaurant "Makoto".
Kaoru got tired of so much German food. So she tried Japanese food in Germany ~haha

Christmas market (funfair) in the dark <3
Kiki, Bathsi and Baha
Kaoru and me (we all look so weird in this light ^^°...)
I loooove Edamame <3
our different meals ^o^

I often read in blogs that people eat at "Makoto" lately~ haha
But I definetly can reccomend it! Super delicious. But sadly they don't offer Udon  Q___Q. But Ramen is quite o.k., too ^^°

bye bye ~ chu <3


suтεωι~ ☆ said...

Ich vermiss diese verdammten Edamama so xD"
Btw ich find dein make-up toll <3 Hoffe wir sehn uns bald wieder ._.

Rukipe said...

pretty and fashionable as always! *^*

Anonymous said...

udagawa neben j-store

Lau said...

jaaaa, ich liebe Edamame <3
sooooo geil XD
dankeeee für's Kompliment ^^
ich hoffe auch, dass wir uns mal wieder irgendwann sehen Q___Q
bye ^^

Lau said...

haha~ thank youuuuuuu so much <3