Mar 3, 2012

Short report about Japan-journey 2011 [PART 1]

Hello everybody ^^
How are you? I'm a bit sick at the moment.... sore throat -.-... but ok.^o^
I'm sewing my cosplays and that's not so interesting for you to put in my blog .

So I start today with a very short report about our journey to Japan in august 2011.
It was a more or less typical tourist jouney.... and I didn't know Gyaru-Styling at all ..... So don't await Puri-cura or shopping photos here ...sorry ^^° I'm looking so silly on the photos -.-

the fellowship: me, Kiki and Michi
First week Kyoto
1. arrival 
We arrived at Kansai-Airport and went with a special train sevice called "Haruka-Express" to Kyoto.
After some time and with some help we found our Hotel and we found out where we could eat very good!
Kiki in our breakfast café "Café du Monde / Mr. Donught"
me eating in our beloved "Food Court" ~ is it called Om-rice? I'm not sure...
 2. Gion and imperial palace Kyoto
This was a day of walking ^.^° We walked nearley through whole Kyoto... our feet were burning.
Kiki in Gion (old Geisha-district)
temple in Gion
Michi in front of the imperial palace
very traditinal garden close to the imperial palace
3. Toori-way Inari
We went to Inari a small town, but the special is a very long path with huge gates and lots of shrines. So culture again ^.^
Inari shrine ( and lots of tourist-shops)
big Toori
all of us bought second hand Yukatas
4. Osaka
We went shopping in Osaka. The "Hep 5" is a really nice shopping center ^o^ Afterwards we visited the Osaka castel and came across a concert hall where so many girls were waiting... but we couldn'd find out for what band they were waiting ^^°
girls waiting for the concert
Osaka castle
 5. Nara
The last days were full of walking so we wanted to relax a bit and just visited the cute deers of Nara. In Nara a herd of deers lives free ^o^ They want food and they are so gentle.

6. Osaka again
We went to Osaka again because it's Michis favourite town. We used the giant wheel on the floor of the "Hep 5" shopping mall.
in the giant wheel... Kiki and Michi were afrait
but then photo-making was more important than faer
7. Osaka again and again
Our last day in the Kansai area and we went to Osaka again! Shopping in the underground ^o^
bye bye Food Curt and bye bye Kyoto

bye bye giant central station Kyoto
The next day we went to Tokyo with the Shinkansen. I guess Tokyo is more interesting for you ^^° 
But I'll post about it next time! On sunday probably.
bye bye ~chu

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